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  1. It's better to be dumb and live happily ever after. If you can't learn , don't learn. If you can't think , don't think. If you don't need to go up, don't get the stairs dirty.

  2. First, the mind has nothing to do with happiness.

    The fact that you suddenly wake up tomorrow drooling dolt, you will not become happier.

    Secondly, it is not even a question of intelligence or lack of it, but of the nature of thoughts. What you call intelligence and the ability to think is really just the intensity of an internal dialogue with yourself. Since the internal dialogue is mostly negative, a person with higher intelligence is likely to think more intensely about themselves. Therefore, the illusion is created that blockheads are happier – they simply “don't bother”, that is, they either have a weak inner negative voice, or they don't listen to it at all.

    If by intelligence we still mean “the quality of the psyche consisting of the ability to adapt to new situations, the ability to learn and remember based on experience, understand and apply abstract concepts, and use their knowledge to manage the human environment” (taken from Wikipedia), then what does happiness or suffering have to do with it? Do you suffer from having a good understanding of abstract concepts, or from your inner voice constantly injecting negativity into your life?

    Returning to your question, given that intelligence has nothing to do with happiness, I will allow myself to transform it into the following:

    Which is better, to live happily or suffer?

    This, in my opinion, is a rhetorical question.

    I wish you success and all the best in life without any hard feelings!


  3. It is better to be an intellectual doer. So as not to suffer, but TO CORRECT.)))

    You don't have to suffer, you have to correct what you are suffering from.

    This is much more difficult . But it makes sense.=))

    At the same time, check whether there are really brains.

    Brains don't show up in understanding, as many people think, they show up in practice.; -))

  4. There are two big differences hidden here:

    You can be a little simple (as many “smart” people call “stupid”) and be happy. You can have an education, two or be an intellectual and also live happily ever after.

    Or you can have an intellect or read a lot of books and suffer.

    Suffering is a part of life and it depends not so much on the intellect, but on parents and upbringing. And it can be used to improve and move through life, or you can live with it without benefit, even getting a certain meaning of life from suffering.

    It's like navigating a rough river on an unguided raft (or a boat without a rudder, gas, or oars). If you can't control your boat, you are inherently unhappy, no matter how much potential you have.

    And if you have a small inflatable spoon that can be operated with just one paddle, then you can easily maneuver and even be happy.

    Suffering is when you are not in control of your life and you are carried through life, hitting the rocks.

    The main thing is that suffering does not turn into a habit, into masochism, from which it is really difficult to get out, like from alcohol addiction.

  5. The idea that highly intelligent people are unhappy is a delusion of the stupid and unhappy. A really smart person doesn't care about the knowledge that weighs down his life – he is smart enough not to suffer because of words/conclusions/knowledge

  6. Intelligence has little, if any, to do with suffering.

    The ability to think is present in every representative of the human kingdom: in a professor at the Sorbonne, and in a Polynesian native.

    However, the owners of intelligence still suffer. They suffer from unfulfilled expectations. The more a person knows, the more they want. And the more he has desires, the more frustrations he has from unfulfilled desires. But such petty egoistic suffering cannot be compared to the suffering of the soul.

    And in this field, intelligence ” nervously smokes on the sidelines.” There are other forces at work here, moral ones.

  7. Oh, how I suffered earlier with this question: and I thought, I would be stupid-I was happy about a little and lived happily… And here, you know, the mind does not give rest and sees the mistakes of others, and injustice, and betrayal, and much more…

    But it's not about the mind. The mind is just an assistant here.

    To live happily ever after, you just need to teach yourself to accept the world as it is, and that's exactly what you're having trouble with. And most people have this difficulty. It's easy for stupid people to accept the world as it is, they don't see the nuances that smart people notice. It's like cb movies and color.

    In your case, this means that you are at a higher level than stupid, you have already passed these lives in your reincarnations and have reached another level, where your cinema is no longer bw, and special effects are not made on papier-mache stools, but computer graphics. You know what I mean?

    So to accept the world and others in it, you must first ACCEPT YOURSELF.

    And the majority of our population has problems with this. Because we have been imposed certain stereotypes, rules, traditions that do not allow us to be ourselves, but only follow certain rules.

    In my practice, 100% of those who do not accept themselves, and the most charismatic and successful also do not fully accept themselves.

    So first, just find out what it is that you don't accept – deal with it. If you can't, please contact us.

  8. Find the short film Multiplier. So everything is shown in the faces. Meaning and goals, needs and difficulties, conflicts. The main problem is that you will have to live in a world of idiots. When you are stupid or degraded, everything is wonderful, a perfect life. Which has everything. Sofa, Internet, games, vinishko and pivasik. Meat. Druzhbany. Girlfriends. Money. Work. Refrigerator and garage. Life is high. If not, you can buy cognac or liqueur. You can buy chocolate and marshmallows. You can get some sleep. You can move or change your city or street. But if you are smart, if you are wise, then everything is more complicated. All around are lazy people and self-serving egoists, and degraders, idiocy of the masses of culture. Scum, drunks, and criminals are all around. Kosyachniki, brachodely. Weaklings and cowards. Women are too self-serving and too vicious. The cars are of poor quality. Everything is wrong and not there, and not that. Everything needs to be fixed and improved. The brain requires separation or disconnection from the hustle and bustle, a retreat to the present, the true. The brain develops personality. And personality, educates the body. Re-educates you into a new person. Being smart is about fighting for a better future. For self-government and for the environment, for profit and for income. This is the choice of progress. It's every day, a new battle, and a new goal. Another life. Refusal of alcohol and fat, from cigarettes, and from sweets. Active lifestyle. This is creativity and creation. First yourself, then your business and skill, and professionalism. And further, competition for income levels. Try. It's easier to lie on the couch like Oblomov

  9. I think it's better to be stupid and live happily ever after (if that's the case), because you can't buy happiness for intelligence. However, you will be happy only if you know this.

    And if it so happens that you have intelligence only because of “I must, I must”, and not “I want, I can”, then you will definitely not be happy.

    Therefore, why not learn through “I Want, I can” and be happy?

  10. Of course, it is better to be developed and educated than to degrade.

    Not having their own point of view and the ability to reasonably prove their words, a person loses respect and individuality.

  11. Why do we need intelligence, why think? If it's for finding answers, then solutions, then implementation, then it's better to be smart. Try. You'll love it

  12. If we take suffering as a given from high education, then of course I would prefer to remain stupid. But in this case, not everything sounds as the question is posed. Along with knowledge, by experience, comes wisdom – which promises us wide angles of maneuver with this knowledge. Those potentials revealed by knowledge, in turn, free us from suffering.

    In cases where knowledge is destructive, I ask you to reconsider your position of understanding the essence and scope of the influence of this knowledge on the practical outcome. If you analyze it in detail, you will find that knowledge is not there to make you suffer.

  13. A stupid person by definition can't live happily ever after! It is precisely he who suffers, because of a lack of understanding of many things,money and prosperity are not able to replace wisdom.But the wise one is just the opposite-understanding the smallest facets of being.He's already happy.Parallel twisted reality in the question.This is precisely the dead end of thinking

  14. Being dumb is never better. Stupid people are manipulated and deceived. This is firstly, and secondly, the grief is not from the mind, but from your inability to apply it for good.

  15. On the scale of the universe, it doesn't matter 🙂 We'll never know, because the dumb can't judge from the smart, and the smart can't judge from the dumb. Happiness is an unrelated concept. So from the happy person's side, it doesn't matter who you are. The happiness of an intelligent person lies in the ability to reason, progress, and perhaps even change your life for the better. The fool's happiness lies in more primitive things. For an intelligent person, reflection and worrying about various things is a disadvantage that is attached to his mental capabilities. For a stupid person, on the contrary, there are fewer worries, but they are also limited in the effective use of their intelligence. This question does not have a clear answer, but, for example, without smart people (not taking into account their “grief from the mind”) we'd still be in the cave.

  16. Now it is widely believed that smart, thinking people are unhappy. But don't forget that usually those who think they're the smartest aren't. And for some reason it seems to me that this stereotype was just spread by these very “smart” people. Because indeed, with the development of their intelligence, a person should become wiser, they should come to understand that the feeling of happiness depends on themselves.

  17. “Much knowledge multiplies sorrow.” The dumber a person is, the happier they are in their ignorance of the complexities of life that surround them everywhere. The pig is completely happy at a well-fed trough and does not know what it is being fed for. A stupid person is not what we call an idiot, his stupidity lies in his mundanity, unwillingness to go beyond his mercantile interests. But those who have chosen a different path do not focus only on material goods. “Through the thorns to the stars” is most appropriate to describe briefly the people working on their intellectual and spiritual development. And these are not the words “high calm”, but their natural state. Who says that life is a light-weight vaudeville? No, she has a much richer repertoire. Even just delving into the feelings of another person and not doing things to them that you don't want them to do to you is already a big step towards self – development.

  18. It is possible that idiots are given a sense of contentment, judging by the results of even rigged Russian votes.What are they happy with other than illusory promises to promise them even more next time?But to have an intellect that has nowhere to apply to the same, having the morals and conscience of a decent person,it is fraught…Even in the Bible it was mournfully said:Much knowledge in many sorrows.That is:The less you know , the better you sleep.Try to live with what you have while there…either the donkey will die,or the padishah…Maybe the curve will take out.

  19. There is a strange stereotype that ” stupid people are happy.” As if their problems are limited to everyday life, and their leisure time is limited to watching TV. In fact, if you talk to a typical layman, it turns out that he is not particularly happy. On a subconscious level, he is worried that he may not understand the “difficult book”, and once upon a time he chose a profession that he now does not enjoy and leads to degradation.

    The question is also what to put in the category of “stupid”. People who crinkle their brows at the word “euphemism”? Or who watch Dom-2?�

    So these are all strange stereotypes. The level of happiness does not depend on the level of intelligence, but rather on their own claims to themselves and the degree of implementation of certain plans.

  20. Better? And what is it better? They say: better is the enemy of good.
    To your question: to be or to possess…I think Hamlet answered correctly: to be or to be is the question!

  21. Philosophers of the past said that wisdom increases suffering and reduces complaints.

    Here's just a question – and for the sake of what to have intelligence and suffer ? After all, there must be some higher goal.

    If there is no such goal and it is not expected, then it is better to be stupid and happy.

    I don't see anything shameful or unworthy here.

  22. It's better to be smart and live happily ever after. If you really have brains and intelligence, then what is the problem to combine?)

    And if you suffer from your “intelligence” – then this is the creator of stupidity just

  23. I have a third option. I'm neither smart nor happy.

    Once I was smarter, I was happier.

    Now she is old, memory is fading, and memory is half the mind, if not three-fourths.

    And happiness…

    Youth is happiness. Undeserved, just by right of youth. And that's great.


    Which is the best option?

    Don't know.

    I want to be happy. But at the cost of a weak mind, no.

    Cows are so thoughtlessly happy. They chew their own weed…

    I can't find my old rhyme anywhere, and I don't remember it by heart. And there I had that cow chewing grass in the field… then she began to mumble piteously… “life is rotten Burenka understood.” I only remember the last line.

    Even the cow realized that the thought ennobles). Although it makes you suffer…

  24. Who is better? From whose point of view? Everyone envies the owners of what they do not have themselves.And if they are not envious, then in any state, degree of development of personality and intelligence, they can be happy.A monkey can't help but be envious,it's an instinct.The truth of the pack hierarchy, the instinct of status in the hierarchy.A monkey is always envious,even a highly educated one, if he could not, or was unlucky enough to come up with a simple idea -Not to envy anyone,to enjoy the fruits of his efforts,without looking at the neighbor's cleavage.

    This question was raised and comprehended by intelligent people in ancient times.The most poetic of the Wise-Ecclesiastes said-Is there a difference between the wise and the foolish? Everyone will die, both wise and stupid.Those. the result is the same.And if a person, regardless of the degree of intelligence and intelligence, is able to live well, then what difference does it make if he is smart or stupid?

    Many of those who consider themselves intellectuals imagine that they understand life, understand it, and know it.But go find someone who thinks he's a fool.Really smart people suffer from their stupidity, they are aware of it.A fool always justifies himself by not admitting mistakes.But is he happy? Knowledge of the laws of the World, social relations,population physiology,and the foundations of Civilization is quite Scary Knowledge.Much scarier than any fantastic horror stories,and even more so than scientific scanty definitions in textbooks.Plus, the realization of your own imperfection does not add happiness.And the most terrible thing for a social animal is that the smarter you are,the more knowledge you have,the further you are from society,the more fools and stupidity committed out of stupidity and ignorance, and there are no prospects,not a single light and hope that the monkey and the pack will become smarter, and stupidly, there is no one to talk to.In understanding and wisdom, there comes a certain limit beyond which no one will understand you,except for those who have gone over the edge.Moreover, loved ones do not evolve at all with you at the same speed,and loneliness is the inevitable happiness of the intellect.You can't even share it with anyone, because in order to explain something, you will have to go down several steps, and express yourself and live in a primitive way, so that you are at least vaguely understood.Not everyone is ready to be a teacher in a special school for children with developmental delays.

    The monkey becomes smarter either in training or under the influence of terrible tragic stimuli.Accordingly, the population as a whole is getting smarter from rivers and seas of blood,and even then not quickly and not always. And the state of Happiness-as I have already said-depends little on intelligence.Rather, from the intelligence that everyone considers to be intelligence and intelligence.The fact is that there are different types of intelligence,and different combinations of these intelligences.There are completely uneducated monkeys, but they have excellent common sense technologies inherited.And these monkeys, which the language does not dare to call monkeys, show both worldly wisdom and a quality of life far superior to the quality of life of many intelligent and trained intellectuals. Don't be jealous of anyone,everyone has their own life,and their own tuition fees.Yes, the ability to think at first seems like a gift, and a good tool in Knowledge.But who said that there is more joyful and so-called positive Knowledge in the World?Exactly the opposite.Another thing is that it is the intellect that does not allow you to slide into melancholy and depression, from human and own imperfections.In any case,everyone pays a price for their lives.Do not compare and judge how to live better.What do you care about dumb people?Except to assert yourself at their expense,but is this a sign of intelligence?

  25. Nothing better. “Better” exists only in the mind of an individual. Try both ways, and what you like best, then “be”.

  26. Suffering from intelligence and the ability to think can also be called “stupidity”. Blind stupidity that does not allow you to use your intelligence for creation and constant growth.�

    For someone who wants to stay an animal and live like an animal, it's better to be dumb. For others, it is better to use intelligence for its intended purpose: observation, analysis, synthesis, creating new things, applying the acquired knowledge in life, and creating new knowledge.

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