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  1. True self-development can only be achieved through the destruction of something old and obsolete. That is, if self – destruction is not understood as degradation, then it can be useful when the goal is to create something new. In order to build a new house, you need to destroy the old one, but you can also live in the old one by making major repairs. So it all depends on the overall goal. Global goals presuppose global changes within, and therefore often you really need to get rid of the old, which prevents you from accepting the new. It's like a base and an add-on.

  2. Either way, you're exposing yourself to self-deception. You were already born perfect in this world, and you will leave just as perfect. The desire to remake this universe, or somehow improve it, is the worst form of self-deception. To be successful in this game, you don't need much, it's indifference. Chase a butterfly and it will fly away from you, stop and it will sit on your shoulder. The illusion of insufficiency is instilled by the strong in the weak, which is why they control them. Therefore, a simple-minded person chooses between self-development and self-destruction.

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