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  1. If you put the question that way, it's too creepy to answer. But look at this topic in episode 1 of Season 4, “Rick and Morty.”

    However, in real life, such a dilemma never occurs. Life is too unpredictable and everything accelerates every year. It is impossible to plan, so I will do this and that and then I will definitely die happy, you never know for sure what will happen in 10 years. There is always a pretty good chance that you will suffer and die uncomplicated right now. A more reliable option is to be happy now. In principle, happy, positive old people are usually those who were happy and benevolent during their lifetime.

  2. Perhaps it is better to die happy, because before death it is important to feel calm and peaceful. And life itself is a torment. Problems, illnesses, difficulties, and overcoming them – this is life.

  3. If you want to know the opinion of the majority, then with such questions welcome to the public questionnaire “VSO” (if you are not familiar with such questions)


    Just send the survey in the suggestion form, and they may publish it. Otherwise, search on the wall.

  4. If a person thought that he had lived an unhappy life, then why would he suddenly feel happy before he died!? Happiness is a feeling caused by a positive perception of the world around you. No one brings it to a person on a silver platter. So it's better to live a happy life and die the same way.

  5. I was reminded of a dialogue from a movie with Jackie Chan.�

    two big guys wanted to take some disk from him on the roof, one of them asks:

    “Either we take the disk from you and throw you off the roof, or you give it to us and jump down yourself.”

    -I liked the third option: the disk stays with me, and I throw you both off!

    I think you know what came of it:)

    therefore, I would also rather choose the third option: I prefer to be happy always)

    Smile and be happy:)

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