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  1. In any sphere, ration and emotion should be in harmony. Otherwise, the person goes to extremes, which leads to what it leads to.

    From an emotional point of view, a person should be as comfortable as possible. Whether to run around in your underwear on the street, or, wrapped in a blanket, eat a smelly roach, to the concert of Irina Alegrova. It is important to be able to share any experiences, events and understand that you will be accepted. As you can see, I never once mentioned love, because it comes and goes, and comfort or discomfort remains. But this last one is a very subjective opinion.

    As for ration, it sometimes helps to calm down the raging emotions and in a difficult situation calmly weigh whether I need the existing relationship or not. If, as in the example above, someone loves Vasya or Masha to the point of colic in the coccyx, and Vasya or Masha, frankly speaking, is not a good person and in general it is simply beneficial for him/her to deal with you, then you should call the brain for help. What will such a relationship bring? What are the prospects? Why and why do I need it? The head will tell you all this in detail.

  2. Why “either, or”? If there are two tools, and both are good, why discard one of them? If you ignore your feelings , you'll end up with someone who doesn't make your heart beat faster. If you ignore reason, there will be “love of evil, you will love the goat”. Do not forget this or that, use, feel, analyze, reflect, listen to the body. Be careful and very responsible when choosing a partner. It is important.

  3. I have a premonition that you may die today, and then… meaning… plans… calculation… concerns…

    Fear that when you get older you will regret what you missed in order to live to see what?

    this is often the case

    Only the Lord is blameless, but it is rare luck to take this fact and the opportunity to approach seriously, even a dog can think that the owner from the height of his position is not able or would never want to understand its needs, even if he is rich…

  4. When building relationships, you need to listen to your feelings. Rational qualities don't matter. But that's not all. In addition to feelings, it is necessary to listen to your feelings from the partner's behavior towards you. It happens that you like or like a person who insults or mocks you. In this case, it would be a good idea to think about whether you need such a relationship. But if you are a masochist and you are satisfied with this attitude to yourself, then advice to you and love.
    In other words, you may like a scoundrel, a freak, a slob, a sissy, and generally a shit person, but if you are completely satisfied with him and you get high from him, then there is no problem here.

  5. You need to trust only your feelings, especially for a woman it works an order of magnitude higher. At the same time, you need to turn off your mind, and then from complete silence the true answer will come. The mind is the domain of the rational, and it always has its own balanced response.�

    And if you use reason in these things, then the answer in this case will be invented, or far-fetched, which does not change the essence of the matter. To love a person means to be on the “same wavelength” with them, and only the heart can say why this is so, but in any case, there will not be a single word in this answer.

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