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  1. The author of the question meant cultivating certain qualities that are not typical of a certain person? I.e., to be one person, but for some reason to show others (or yourself, or all together) the opposite features? For example, to appear cheerful and sympathetic, in order to hide emotional experiences, inner disapproval or contempt; to hide sincere faith, pretending to be an atheist and cynic; to hide deep love, hiding behind a mask of indifference.�
    All these processes occur due to the struggle of the inner self and the external environment. In various sections of society/groups/society/Internet/family/relationships, certain prejudices are somehow rooted, condemning and praising certain human characteristics. These are the templates of a successful, rich, smart, unhappy, feeble-minded person. Each template already has its own categories.The
    desire to appear different is, first of all, the desire not to fall under these very categories. Accordingly, it is precisely this attitude that pushes people to deny their own selves in order to look more profitable.
    In any case, protecting your true interests or hiding them is an endless job that requires either courage and conviction, or masterly self-control.

  2. Most likely-equally difficult. But it is expressed in different ways. Well, if you want to be a sexual giant-you need to drink little, do not smoke, do not overeat, do physical education but without fanaticism for sports, do not overwork, get enough sleep. If you want to appear to them – you need to take care that your partners(if they exist at all) do not spread about you, and if they say – then only what you need, watch movies and imitate the habits of sexual giants from there, think a lot about clothes and always look gigantic. If you want to be a polymath-well, you can read Plato, Cohn-Bendit, Dawkins, the Bible for a long time and in detail, etc.And if you want to appear – you need to learn by heart wikicitatnik and very sensitively plow social networks – what kind of movie and what kind of book is quite fashionable now. If you want to be a cool businessman , you need to spend 80-90 hours a week on business, study all sorts of organizational behavior there, and actively take an interest in how competitors are doing there. And if you want to appear-you should not forget to rent a merc when you drive up to a meeting and rent a jacket of a good company, as well as buy (albeit on credit) decent shoes and ties. What is more difficult to do is difficult to decide.

  3. Harder for whom? Let's assume that you appear to be. In this case, you can be used, with the help of you you can get something, but it will not be accurate. But if you exist and are proven, then you are just the most useful thing that brings the maximum profit. But someone proved you, and proving you is not an easy task, so it's easier not to even seem =. I know this sounds strange, most likely the question rested on the qualities of a person, like “seem nice or be nice”, but it seems to be the same everywhere, just a little different words need to be used,the meaning will be the same.

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