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  1. Matter, of course. This is a question akin to whether consciousness determines being or vice versa. So, just as being determines consciousness, so matter forms consciousness, even if only by the fact that matter appeared billions of years earlier than any conscious being, while matter supports the functioning of the brain/nervous system.

  2. Sensuality without reason is blind, reason without feelings is empty.

    Indeed, we have two ways of knowing the world:

    • reasonable

    • sensual

    Sensuality gives us, roughly speaking, an idea of objects (through sight, hearing, touch), and the understanding thinks these objects.
    (I think by “consciousness” you meant “reason”)

    It should be understood that objects are matter clothed in form. (At least according to Aristotle)
    If we gave up matter, we would lose the object of thought and, consequently, sensuality, making the mind unnecessary.�
    If we were to give up reason, we would deprive contemplation of meaning. For what is the point of contemplation if you are not even aware of what you are contemplating at this moment?

    And. Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
    Aristotle “The Doctrine of Matter and Form”

  3. I am not a philosopher, but in philosophy, as far as I know, one of the main questions is the primacy of consciousness or matter. This is a difficult question. But the main thing is in my opinion a strange question. ) Personally, I don't think any of this can be more important. And we must also take into account in what sense the word consciousness appears here. In any case, I repeat, I don't think any of this can be more important.

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