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  1. Depends on who you are. Merchant, knight, or scholar.
    Everyone has their own paths and it is impossible to say which one is closer to you. But since you ask such questions I can conclude that the honor is more important for you because the rest of us do not remember it at all or they do but very rarely

  2. the most important thing is the knowledge of the truth, it is this knowledge that will help you find the right path, gain honor ( honesty), and the rest will be added. The rest is vanity.

  3. This is purely individual. As an example:

    If a person grew up in a typical major, then money will be a priority, and he will not care how to get this money, and even more so his honor.

    The second option is that a person grew up in a family, for example, of religious fanatics who spend their whole life saying that money is evil and that the Earth is flat. As a result, you will get a religious fanatic: everything is according to the 10 commandments (I think a person who observes them can be called a man of honor), science is evil, and money is from Satan.

    Well, with knowledge, everything is simple. Most of the scientists lived and died in poverty. Well, it is worth mentioning that before such a “fanatic” there is no restriction in the form of” honor ” (the Holocaust and experiments on people).

    This is an exaggeration, but such cases are not uncommon.�

    If you try to explain how the attitude to everything is divided, then you can figuratively imagine a pie chart that is divided by money, honor and knowledge. An increase in the importance of money will necessarily lead to a decrease in honor and / or knowledge, and so it is with honor and money.

  4. It all depends on what kind of conceptual framework we put these terms in.�

    Honor can be of various kinds and have a contrasting manifestation.

    Money? For one, this is a living wage, for the second-the amount that allows you to live comfortably. And the third person used to call the millions in the deposit account money.

    Knowledge is also of various kinds. For some, knowledge is wisdom acquired over the years, and for others, knowledge is something that can be used to earn money.�

    Everything is relative.

  5. I believe that knowledge.

    After all, if you have knowledge in any field, then perhaps you will become a highly paid specialist. This will make money.

    Well, of course, honor is also important, but from a practical point of view, it will not feed you.

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