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  1. Good afternoon! I love these questions. I have them in common with the question: “who do you love more-mom or dad?”. Let's see-what is MONEY ? It is a payment instrument-the equivalent of labor and materials spent on the production of services and goods. We get them for our hard work and spend them on buying the things we need-food, a computer, a phone, a wheelchair, etc. If we don't have money, we won't be able to satisfy our hunger, shelter from the cold, raise our children, and take care of our parents. It is important for us to get an adequate amount of payment resources for our work in order to LIVE. Can we live without money ? Let's look further – what are moral values ? Empathy, for example, right ? Let's imagine a sick person who urgently needs medical help. Do we feel sorry for him ? Yes! And that's it? He is in the forest and broke his leg – we will sympathize and go further ? No, we'll call someone to help him move to a doctor. And how do we do it ? Totally free ? Of course! These are moral values, not material ones! But we will pay for a call to a mobile operator, or for fuel in a car or bus, or for a doctor's appointment – WE will pay, or someone else, but it will definitely cost some money. AND SOMEONE WILL DEFINITELY PAY THEM. It doesn't matter – taxes, charity-but eventually money will be spent on this assistance. The same equivalent of labor, energy, and time… So, what is more important than moral values or money ? Thank you for your question!

  2. more important for what?) maybe. if you come to the hospital and ask for an expensive operation, even if you are an honorary donor of the country, no one will do it for you.

    In this case, money will be more important.

    building relationships is probably more pleasant with a person who has a certain moral code. what do you care about the money of the person who throws you out on the street?
    so that….

    The question needs to be specified somehow

  3. righteousness is most important. If a person has righteousness , all the rest will be added. The converse statement does not work – I mean, if a person has money, then everything else will be there.�

    19 Righteousness leads to life, but he who seeks evil seeks his own death.

  4. Have you seen the Maslow Pyramid?
    That's until a person has satisfied the needs of the lowest level, he needs money to meet them.
    When all the low-level needs are already met, he can afford to meet some higher-level needs with the help of moral values.

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