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  1. The phrase” being useless to anyone ” means that you are completely useless to this society. Since a person separated from society becomes an outcast, who over time will not be able to meet the needs for food, unless, of course, he has hunting skills and does not live in the forest.

    The biological and social aspects of a person are formed by the individual, then by the individual, and then by the individual. A person who transforms the world around him cannot live outside of society, he is connected with it.

    The phrase “need no one” implies a voluntary withdrawal from generally accepted norms, since, as I have already said, the social and biological are inextricably linked. An advantage in one direction can lead to the consequences of phrase number 1.
    Both options are lousy in their own way
    I hope I answered your question.

  2. I think being unnecessary is scarier. After all, if a person does not need anyone, then he is quite comfortable alone, and the fact that people around him find it strange and scary is their concern. That is, such a person, in fact, does not experience any internal discomfort. But if he is not needed by anyone, but wants the opposite, obviously, it will be bad for him. Therefore, being useless to anyone is scarier.

  3. I do not think that the author of the question meant that the phrase “to be useless to anyone” means not to benefit society.

    Sometimes you want to be needed not only because you do something good, help someone, especially close ones, but because you just are, with your shortcomings, quirks, good traits.Otherwise, it feels like you're being used.

    Yes, even at work, there are times when your work, diligence is not noticed and does not count. This is very offensive in fact.

    So you don't have to be a hermit to feel unwanted.

    Hermits generally belong to the second category, they want to be closer to nature, they may for some reason dislike people and society as a whole.The company of books and Mother nature is enough for them.They chose their own path, as Artyom said above, “outcasts”, so the feeling of loneliness and uselessness bypasses them.

    I would say that it is better not to need anyone yourself, that is, to be able to rely on yourself in any difficult situation, and not wait for help or support from outside.Support is certainly good, but often in life there are moments when you are left alone with your problems and experiences.So you need to accept and remember for yourself one simple truth: No one owes you anything.

    Of course, if he is not your mother or father.

    This is very important, because until a person recognizes this, it will be very difficult for him in life

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