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  1. A bear is a natural bear by nature and behavior . I look calm, I like to act clearly, but not much. Yes, in almost all parameters, only there is no wool )

  2. A person who has certain goals in life and difficulties with their implementation due to banal laziness and lack of time.

    I am the thoughts that fill me.
    I am the knowledge that I possess.
    I am the feelings that I feel.

    I am an observer of this mundane world.

  3. I am a person who reads stupid questions here and now and feels that there, deep inside me, new questions are born: “Fuck, why do people write such questions? to attract attention? why do they respond? to show the richness of your inner world? why am I wasting my time reading this?

  4. I am a collection of thoughts, ideas, fears, beliefs, reflections, and everything else that goes on inside my head. Only all of the above makes me me, since the outer shell is not able to identify a person so clearly.�

    I am a person who is always looking for answers, but does not always find them, and in the search itself sees the meaning of life.

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