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  1. I am also not strong in everything, but I understand and since I always want to have time to choose anything special, I chose my specialty in subjects in which I was good, it is very difficult to find my way knowing that understanding everything, I am afraid to make a mistake with the choice, but I understand that while I think time flies and I sit in one place, I need to solve something 💪 😄 👌 (first I will start with self-assessment) after reading the comments, I realized that any person in this world has its place, even if no matter what you are, you will still benefit your country

  2. Start with an intern, if it is very difficult, start as an intern of an intern, do only this business, read, study, ask questions. It will sound a bit pathetic, but hard work will defeat even the most difficult stupidity)

  3. I don't know how in Russia, abroad mentally retarded people are hired as janitors, doormen, cloakroom attendants, movers, packers, postmen. They do well in the service sector (waiters, parking attendants, orderlies) and in agriculture (mainly as assistants to gardeners, grooms, shepherds).

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