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  1. In my youth, there was a good motivation that was conveyed to us by adult men of that time: “If you are strong and brave, you will have the most beautiful women!”. As I grew up, I realized that there was a lot of truth in this. A brave man is purposeful and focused on the result that he needs. He gets what he wants. A strong man will not make his beautiful woman jealous, he is above it, he enjoys her beauty and gets pleasure from her elegance and grace.

  2. First, the concept of “beauty” is deeply subjective, so it is impossible to talk about some objectively beautiful women, and even more so to isolate them as a group.

    Second, why should they choose anyone at all?
    We are talking about people who live in society, and accordingly, some people like it, and some do not. Similarly with their tastes and preferences.

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