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  1. I believe that age is time , and time is a concept invented by a person, of course . But time is relative . This is how we came up with it , everything goes linearly, in seconds . This is our perception of time . But at the moment, there are many different concepts of time . In general , the age was invented by people , but why is 60 minutes 60 minutes, and not 100 something ?! Time is our perception of this world .

    You can watch the new film “Arrival”, science fiction, go makes it clear what time is, and accordingly age.

    Go ahead, guys !

  2. Without delving into the categories of unity of space and time, we can say about time that cyclicity is a common unit of time for everything. Cyclicity is characteristic primarily of rotating objects, and, above all, of celestial bodies in the macrocosm and electrons in the microcosm. Thus, if we say that the heavenly bodies were created, then time was created, because the rigid, through millennia, interconnection of rotational-time cycles, which the Calendar reveals to us, shows that this could hardly happen by chance. And if we assume that everything happened by chance, then the Calendar in this case rises to the category of a miracle, which again brings us back to the idea of the creation of the world. After all, if we assume that time and the calendar were invented by man, then how did the cyclical rotation of bodies occur before the appearance of man? Wasn't there one? “It was. And there was a calendar. No names only. Outside of human consciousness.

    Speaking of calendar age, �measuring it by Calendar cycles, we count the number of years lived.

    Speaking of psychological age, we consider the amount of experience that is added to the reserves of memory and skill after a year.

    Speaking about biological aging as an age, we understand that even renewable resources of the body have limitations, which a person approaches as the calendar age increases.

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