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  1. If we consider the situation with such specific parameters, then in my opinion,it is better to be with someone who loves you.

    If,of course, there are no deviations in psychological development and you are not attracted to the role of the victim.

  2. A choice between extreme selfishness and total self-sacrifice.If you stay with someone who loves you (but you don't,I guess),then it will be fine,but very,very cynical and cruel.But there will be a lot of benefits directly for you (and feed,and drink, and wash, and put to bed).It can eat your conscience.If you choose the second option, then the path barefoot uphill is hard, long and very painful.But you will know that your loved one is under your protection and surrounded by your attention.But then you yourself become the very victim who feeds,gives water, and so on down the list.Choose what is closer to you,but very often I hear from others that, they say, no matter how much you love, but in a couple someone still loves someone more.

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