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  1. Lie. False state of mind and heart. If you do not focus on the details and details, then there is a source of the wrong path-a free (not absolutely, but in choice) being who chose this path and involves other free beings in it, in particular, a person (who prematurely ate from the tree of knowledge of good and lies). It is precisely false beliefs and states that remove a person from the perfect qualities of Love (which banishes fear), Joy (which does not depend on external circumstances), integrity and the possibility of moving from the best to the best in eternity reunited with the Beginningless.

  2. The short answer is his ignorance. But, we still need 103 characters)

    There is a lot of talk that dark forces have taken over our world, and all evil comes from it. These dark forces are identified with anything but their own ignorance. But darkness is the absence of Light, that is, knowledge.

    Man has succeeded in studying the laws of nature, but does he know who he is and why this Nature needs him?

    Evil and disease are the companions of ignorance. Judging by their number, humanity is moving not towards the light, but on the contrary.

    If a person knows everything about the world around him, masters all its energies and, at the same time, does not know anything about his own feelings, motives, does not understand what forces control him, he will be like a monkey with a grenade.

    Plato said: “Total ignorance is not the greatest evil: the accumulation of poorly acquired knowledge is even worse.”A person thinks that he knows a lot, but he has missed the main knowledge about himself.

    It is this poorly acquired knowledge that leads him in the opposite direction from the light.

    About an ignorant person they say: “he does not know what he is doing.” What can such “creativity” lead to, especially for oneself?

    But to know yourself, you need, first of all, the desire to do this, and honesty to yourself. And then-the development of logical thinking, mindfulness, observation and patience, which, over time, will teach you to distinguish between your true thoughts and feelings. Many books have been written for those who want to do this.�

    Nothing supernatural. Everyone has the opportunity to start self-discovery.

    But, in fact, most people complain about the current circumstances and look for the culprit somewhere outside, and only a few begin to look for the cause of all the troubles in themselves.

  3. Man's enemy is his evil will. It always works against a person. The mind says: don't do this and that,because it can bring you a lot of problems. Volya says: but I want to! Well, judge for yourself, do not go to a microfinance organization, do not borrow from scammers. If you do not have this amount that you are going to borrow from them, then where will you get an amount exceeding this by 2.3, or even 10 times, in order to give it to them by the appointed time? If you can somehow get it by this time, wouldn't it be better to wait and avoid the credit trap? No, my will insists that I need it right now, and my mind obeys meekly. And what is the result? Bondage, fear, filth, threats, and the search for new loans.

    No, we are given reason to keep this beast we call will in a cage. It is man's most dangerous enemy.�

    • This question is very general and abstract.
    • What kind of person? In what aspect is the “main enemy”?
    • First, you need to deal with the goals, then with the type of person who will achieve these goals, and in the end, you can already (you can try) to determine the “main enemy”.
    • There can't be one (single) “main enemy” at all. Each person is different and unique. The enemy is also unique. The enemy consists of many small enemies. The enemy, for an individual, is a “symbiosis” of many factors. These factors (parts) have different “weight”, and which of them is the main (“main enemy”) is decided in each case – individually.
    • Bottom line: the “main enemy” is individual. It is pointless to list these “enemies” – you all know them perfectly well.
  4. There is something in common that is “evil” for any person – this is laziness and stupidity – the ” ego ” is an animal principle in a person that generates all the vices of human nature. And the most terrible vices are: cunning, greed, obsequiousness, etc….- in general…all those mentioned in the 10 Commandments of God. In psychology, this evil is called “I” – the lowest – ” My…! “(how cruel and blind you are). I. Christ came to Earth to show the way for further human evolution, fixing the 2 Commandments in the minds of people: 1)Love the Lord God with all your heart (feeling-intuition) come first for the further development of a person, then: love with all your soul (spirit+matter, where the spirit should always be one step ahead of the body's requests), with all your mind (not rational, rational logic, where justice is established from the “position of power-the king of the mountain), and” RA – with-mind ” – enlightened, sunny intellect). This is the highest ” I ” -” Yours ” of a person (how beautiful and bright you are!).

    The second Commandment: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. It does not say anything about the fact that close relatives are “by blood”. Neighbors are people who are directly with you in the process of life. I. Christ teaches us to think deeply with this Commandment, so that people realize that “spiritual kinship” is the highest asset of people who strive for the Boundlessness of the Cosmos that is inside us, since man is a closed system containing all the properties of the cosmos.

  5. Man himself is his ” main enemy.” Not in the sense that his “material” (body, property, or other “possessions”) is the enemy of man (“spiritual”). And in the sense that his false spirituality (sin, self-deception, false goals and beliefs, etc.), including the passion for possession of “things” (and not only “bodily”, for example, the passion for glory), i.e. deceptive (false) human relations with the world and/or God are the main enemy of any person. Unfortunately, the enemy of a person is therefore precisely what he “values above all else” (what is high among people is an abomination before God).

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