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  1. In addition to my family, I felt very hard about the departure of Mikhail Mikhailovich Zhvanetsky. This is a great satirist who was not afraid of anything, who was not published and was not immediately allowed to appear on the stage. He never made a movie. Through Raikin, Kartsev and Ilchenko, his bright genius reached us. If you've never heard of them, but like subtle humor, turn them on out of curiosity on YouTube. And it's not even that I once took his autograph. This is a person who cannot be repeated. You can make faces on stage, like Kharlamov or Galkin, who are generally quite good artists, you can go out on jokes about America, like other comedians, you can perform in pairs…

    But no one has ever written so accurately and subtly about the saddest, funniest or everyday situations that we and our country went through. No one has ever made time feel like this through their writing.

    As Mikhail Mikhailovich said, ” Laughing, we part with the past.”

  2. Any death. The imminent death of all the people I've ever seen, and none of whom will be alive for the next hundred years. My own death, which I dreamed about as a child.

  3. My own uncle.

    One day he got sick. The wife and daughter stepped over the unconscious ship's mate lying on the floor and went to live in Sochi. Permanently. My uncle woke up alone. From time to time, the wife and daughter would return, collect their uncle's pension, and leave again, leaving their uncle five thousand rubles to live on and feed the dog.�

    Returning home once again for money, the wife found her uncle dead at the table, on which there were seven bottles of vodka. A week earlier, his father had given him enough money to live a normal life.

  4. He worked as an orderly in the operating room of the surgical department, after the 9th grade. For me, it was career guidance at that time: I worked as a nurse on duty for a month, which is just in the department: washing, cleaning, etc. The second one is in the operating room. Then I realized that, yes, medicine is mine!

    And so. The man had to be operated on, a cholecystectomy, I think, or something else about the liver/ gallbladder. It was already on the table. – When suddenly they brought another patient, for emergency reasons-the first one was removed from the table, moved on a gurney to the next, free operating room-to wait: the operating team was alone.

    They operated on an emergency patient and took a planned one for surgery. And he died.

    I've already seen the dead: I've been to the morgue, attended the autopsy. This is different. So, I talked to a person, even if only a little bit, communicated. And then-the same day, hours later-he was dead.

    Here it is: life has gone out of a person.

    The body is lying there.

    Life is gone.

    Not that it was a “trauma” for me, not at all. But the first real encounter with death, with the transition itself. A person-in the corpse.

    ..And, it turned out, this postponement of the operation gave him a couple more hours of life. This also shocked me for some reason. Although it is clear why. Unpredictability, cats and mice.

  5. Death is always very sad, even the death of a Darwin Prize winner. Especially if the young leave, who would like to live and live. I was very shocked by the deaths of the following people.
    Nazari Yaremchuk (1995), Vladislav Listyev (1995), Princess Diana (1997), Yuri Nikulin (1997), Evgeny Morgunov (1999), Alexander Demyanenko (1999), Igor Bilozir (2000), George Gongadze (2000), George Vitsin (2001), Anatoly Dyachenko (2005), Raisa Kirichenko (2005), Ivan Macialko (2007), Luciano Pavarotti (2007), Ion Dolanescu (2009), Vladislav Galkin (2010), Valentina Tolkunova (2010), Lech Kaczynski (2010), Bogdan Stupka (2012), Demis Roussos (2015), Zhanna Friske (2015), Boris Nemtsov (2015), Kuzma (Andrey Kuzmenko) (2015), Mikhail Zadornov (2017), Sridevi (2018).

  6. My cat. He died for a long time, lay there for a month, and was in a coma for the last week. He died literally in my arms-all night and morning I held him in my hands, he grew cold, I warmed him, my right hand was on his chest, I felt the beats of his heart become less frequent, subside, go somewhere. And then silence. For three days I was out of my mind, and for another three months I was recovering from the shock. Although I had seen death before, lost loved ones, but for some reason it was the death of my beloved cat that was very shocking.

  7. My grandfather. He died quite early and suddenly, from a stroke, when I was 11. When the hospital called in the morning, everyone in the house was crying, but not me. I didn't cry at the funeral, on the contrary, I was in a strange high mood, I didn't cry at the wake, for 40 days. No, not because I didn't love my grandfather, I just didn't want to cry, I wasn't even sad, I didn't care.

    One day, three or four years later, I went to bed as usual. Suddenly I thought about my grandfather for just a minute, and then it came flooding back. I sobbed so inconsolably and bitterly all fucking night that I thought the roof was going to go off. Tears were pouring down with such force that it hurt my eyes, my head was burning, my throat was tight, my thoughts were swarming with so many things that I still needed to tell my grandfather. I don't remember what happened after that, it seems like I was in a zombie state for a long time, until I moved away. I guess I was really shocked by his death that I was in shock for a long time before I realized what had happened . Now I still remember him with great warmth, although I can't do it without tears. Such are the cases.

    1. I remember it was the first FIFA World Cup I watched when I was 8 years old. I'll quote Wikipedia:

    Consequences of an own goal Escobar in the match with the USA (trying to interrupt the American's crossHowever, the results of the first leg of the tournament (which was played by John Harks, he cut the ball into his own goal) were serious: Colombia lost 1-2 and was forced to leave the tournament after the group stage. Escobar returned to his homeland with the team, where — even before the end of the championship-he was overtaken by the bullet of the killer, Humberto Munoz Castro, who worked as a security guard. Munoz fired 6 bullets at Escobar, who was sitting in a car near a Medellin bar. Every time the killer fired a shot, he shouted “Goal!”. The football player was immediately taken to the hospital, where he died 45 minutes later.

    It turns out that only a couple of days ago you pasted a sticker in the album with stickers, and now you can also draw a mourning ribbon in the lower right corner…

    1. My parents had friends, once we were sitting watching TV, and there was a running line on it saying that Mark A. (this friend of theirs, with whom we were visiting a couple of days ago) was killed, and everyone is invited to attend the memorial service…

    2. A friend who doesn't know how to swim either jumped off or accidentally fell into the water on the pre-party of one festival from the ferry – https://news.ngs.ru/more/39149/

    I do not know about # 2, but # 1 and # 3 were definitely not supposed to happen, nothing absolutely meant to happen, so I was shocked. I could have written about Yegor Letov or Vic Chesnat, but I only know their image in the media, so I don't know how much things really went to their death or not: I was wildly upset, but not to say that I was shocked…

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