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  1. Vladimir Solovyov's “The Meaning of Love” must be added to the list of the above-mentioned works. From Plato's dialogues about love, first of all, “Feast”. And Dante's Divine Comedy, of course.

  2. Plato's Dialogues. In one of them, I don't remember exactly which one, he says that he did not succeed in any science except the science of love. Actually, his name became a household name-platonic love. But you should not linger. Then the love poems of Catullus, to feel the real passion boiling in the blood. The love of a sage and a poet are two different things. The best one is somewhere in the middle.

  3. The Apostle Paul “On Love”. Interesting and important text. You can read not only for the sake of the “first meaning” with the rules of life or philosophy. Many people appealed to this text or referred to it later. Useful and convenient

  4. “The Song of Solomon” as a ” spiritual allegory “of love,” Vatsyayana Kama Sutra ” as an Indian treatise on conjugal love)) The code of courtly love is beautifully formulated in The Romance of the Rose , and Schopenhauer (The Metaphysics of Sexual Love)wrote about sexual love

  5. About the love and beauty of women. Treatises on love of the Renaissance, Moscow, 1992 (G. Cavalcanti, M. Ficino, etc.)�

    Treatises on Love, Moscow, 1994 (from Ibn Sina to Zh. Батая) http://krotov.info/library/19_t/ra/ktaty_love.html

    F. Stendal. About love. Any publication. http://www.e-reading.club/book.php?book=1011651

    But the most important thing is Plato's “Feast”! “Love is the desire to give birth and give birth in the beautiful…” – not a single empty word!

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