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  1. My friend, relax. You don't need to remember anything, your mind will save everything you need. Enjoy the moment, read, walk, enjoy life. At the right moment, the sea of consciousness will throw itself ashore, a golden chest)

  2. consciousness is a good thing. it will not be scattered on facts that are not necessary. that is, not necessary at all. it remembers the MAIN THING. it remembers that something has turned in you. why I remember pages and dialogs from Schweik. Why do I remember the plots of ALL the stories from Chapek's pockets? maybe because it turned me on? everything in life is so, the consciousness knows what it needs, and rejects garbage. BUT if you suddenly need to remember some nonsense-probably everyone knows – here it turns, but… somewhere-here… and then I remember – but because ALL the information remains with us… and so, just in case… in any case, this is not a disease and there is no way to fix it. I think it will come up at a critical moment. I've had this before. write it down, just in case.

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