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  1. Then, why do they eat, knowing that later they will still have to eat again. Or they wash, although you'll still be dirty later. Being clean, well-fed, or socialized is a pleasure that is worth achieving again and again.

  2. Someone to compensate their partner for their inferiority. The partner gives either praise or pity, and then the inferiority is satisfied.

    Others meet because it's nice, convenient, interesting, or fun to be together.

  3. People meet each other because they need to satisfy their own needs.

    The metaphor is old, but mutual relations are to some extent a market where people buy and sell, satisfying their own and other people's needs, and if you look closely between the seams of everyday perception, you can also learn that communication is not an end in itself, but on the contrary – it is only a means, an escape from frustration.

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