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  1. Because you only notice atheists who are actively demonstrating their beliefs in some way.

    Most atheists (as well as believers) do not boast of anything, go about their business and do not climb to anyone, do not comment on anything.

    For example, the same Nevzorov from the cover of the question, yes, he is a journalist, a publicist, yes, he started studying in a seminary, sang in a church choir, hence (in his own words) such indifference to questions of faith, only now with the opposite sign. They may have hurt him (he himself says that some people had the wrong orientation there), so the negative is rushing in.

  2. Well, there is such a thing as a “survivor's error”.

    It is poorly understood in its wording, it is better to say here that one of the classic examples sounds like ” Rumors about the intelligence and kindness of dolphins are based on the stories of tired swimmers who were pushed to the shore, but we are not able to hear the story of those who were pushed in the other direction.”

    You can Google this error, there are still a million different cases.

    Some variation of it is “According to a survey conducted on the site http://www.нечто.com, 100% of people use the Internet!”.

    Here, in general, it is exactly the same. There may be a lot of quiet atheists, but they are quiet, that is, they do not appear on TV, do not participate in debates, and do not manifest their position in the first half hour of communication. Therefore, of course, they are not well-known, and no one thinks about them, representing atheists-everyone has vividly colored images of all sorts of radicals in their heads. And when listing atheistic acquaintances, they are remembered last, and very uncertainly: they did not consider it necessary to inform everyone around about their worldview.

    So it's not all atheists who like to show off. It's all the atheists we know who like to show off. Or, more precisely, all the atheists we know because they love to show off, love to show off. Well, as a result, the statement rather looks like “We know mostly those atheists who like to show off.”

    By the way, it is the same with believers: attention is drawn to those who fight, blow up, throw eggs, pray furiously, cancel concerts and fight in fits, so there is an opinion about their general low adequacy, although in fact we do not know those who believe calmly and quietly.

    In general, be wary of the survivor's error and carefully check the sample balance. Amen.

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