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  1. As already mentioned, like attracts like.

    People who are not serious are inherently drawn to the same ones, if we talk about long-term communication.

    If we are talking about short-term, then it is banal because it is fun. Take time with a positive attitude, talk about nothing (the key thing is to talk, because such frivolous personalities always just talk a lot). This also implies that serious people can reach out to such personalities, but for some reason they are poorly realized in society or are afraid to show their essence (again, there can be many reasons, the main one in my opinion is the fear of falling out of society, the fear of loneliness).

    Most people do not want to strain their brains, in short, and follow the majority, and in the majority it so happened that frivolous and active people make this world, therefore, if you are different , then you are an outcast, and before you stop being an outcast and just become yourself, you still need to grow up morally. Conclusion: the reason for this is emotional (spiritual, if you will) immaturity, because only immature people (and it's not about age at all) pay attention to the circumstances of the external world in the first place.

    If we single out exactly male-female relations, then the conclusion is basically the same, only it is worth adding that a woman often thinks that if she does not have a partner, then something is wrong with her(all the same influence of society) and starts relationships with just anyone, if only they were and she remained “desirable” in the eyes of others, and who is more quickly ready to That's right, people aren't serious)

  2. I think I'm still attracted to smart people who know how to be frivolous and self-mocking, sometimes consciously choosing such a role for a while, for the sake of fun, recreation, etc.

  3. The girls who answered first are still right. Because you can't be nervous all the time like a string – you need relaxation. Another thing is for what purposes, in principle, mainly for non-casual communication, but given that I rarely got other sittings, it usually ends there, because my mind usually takes up. If we consider from the point of view of psychology, then Levi in the book “He and She”was approximately the same thesis: the more well-mannered , restrained and ethical a person behaves in the initial relationship, the more prone he is to sadism in personal relationships , and vice versa boors, most often womanizers and loving.(I have long read the exact quote is not MSU to find). Again, the principle of nervous tension, which can only be broken on the other. Therefore, the alliance of rapist and victim is quite natural, and not like is attracted to like.

  4. It really depends.

    I have never been able to establish communication with frivolous people, because this communication can not have any prospects in principle.�

    It is worth adding that frivolous people usually reject unpleasant little things like the inability to think ahead, the inability to avoid unnecessary problems, the abundance of meaningless fuss, unpredictability of behavior, and so on.

    And don't forget, like attracts like.

  5. Because no one needs additional problems, and serious people usually have a lot of them.

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  6. If you don't take seriously relaxed people who smile often and don't think much about what they're saying, then they may attract more attention, because seeing them also makes people feel more relaxed and in a better mood.

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