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  1. Not everything, again, is the environment and culture of the family in which she grew up. It is also important what we expect from a girl and what we can sacrifice for her.

  2. Because he knows how to protect his borders.

    Actually, “bitch” is not a characteristic of the girl herself, but a characteristic of your attitude towards her. If a girl irritates you , then she is a “bitch”. Like it's the girl and not you)

    Let's think about who you most often call “bitches”. Probably those who know how to protect their interests and defend their borders, right? Those who are not afraid to say ” no ” and “I'm not interested”. Those who know how to put in their place when they get into her life and try to teach her life. Those for whom their own comfort is more important than the imposed “correct” values. So?

    So think about it, Anton, why all this annoys you so much. Isn't it because you really want to be the same “bitch”yourself?

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