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  1. The dislike of Posner, which I personally had to deal with, has patriotic and religious roots. Posner grew up in the United States and France, and was baptized a Catholic. At the same time, he considers Orthodoxy to be the main reason for Russia's cultural backwardness. In today's ideological situation, such a position is clearly labeled as “Russophobic”. Posner's views are unpopular, and a person tends to trust first of all what confirms his own, already established point of view (so-called confirmation bias). What contradicts it, a simple person with a high degree of probability will call “lies”.

  2. Not everything is so clear. Vladimir Pozner is quite an influential figure not only in Russia, but also abroad. As a journalist or “reporter”, he created an author's program. This program is not attended by anyone, but by very respected and influential people. From this we can conclude that people who hold high positions are not afraid to spend their time talking to him.

  3. Posner is many years old. And he behaves “somehow” – has his own excellent opinion, works like an ox, does not complain about his health… Envy is the earliest feeling in a person's character, according to analyst Melanie Klein. It lives in each of us, but it is very difficult to recognize it in yourself and admit it. So outwardly it looks like this: “I just don't like him!”

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