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  1. Perhaps the fact is that the family is not going anywhere, but other people… This is not the case with them. And although the family is usually quite strong, you should not sacrifice it in all cases.

  2. Many, but not everywhere. In different countries and regions, everything is different. There are regions where kinship ties are at the forefront, for example, the Caucasus. In general, there are family clans in the world and in business and politics: it does not seem that, for example, some Rothschilds deprived their relatives …

  3. Kinship by blood is a random combination of circumstances. You don't influence or define it in any way. You were simply born with the specified parameters and already issued relatives. Whether you like it or not, you can't change it.

    But a close person is your choice. An informed choice. You have decided that for one reason or another this person is dear to you. They assigned him to their relatives. And it is true that conscious choice has higher priorities than a random combination of circumstances.�

    So you should not be surprised when a person prefers a conscious choice to the detriment of random ones.�

    The same goes for” strangers”. If a person decides that he is more interested in them, then this is logical, because this is his choice. And it is much more pleasant to do something good for those whom you have chosen yourself, than for those whom you have chosen by chance.

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