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  1. Fear is one of the most ancient emotions. By the way, initially children do not have fear, but there is surprise. The beginning of these emotions is the same (eyes widen to get a better look).

    Fear mobilizes, so being afraid is very useful. This allows you to instantly recognize the danger and respond to it.

    Children are also afraid of the unknown. My brother, for example, first did not eat red vegetables (tomatoes, peppers), then – white (milk, condensed milk, sour cream). That is, not all fears are justified, but nevertheless, this is normal protective behavior.

    There is also excessive fear – these are all phobias. Then it is impossible to overcome yourself and overcome fear (which we all have to do sometimes).

  2. Rather, for what reason? The only reason is lack of courage! Universal form with what a woman is also inherent! There is no holding value…there is a shaky swamp under the feet of the soul! That's what they say…it's scary to walk!!!

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