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  1. This is an incorrect statement. Some people do, and at some points in their lives, yes.

    In the army, there is a sarcastic saying:”do you want to live?!”

    Whatever things people fear more than death. Swearing at the sergeant, for example.


    Difficult relationships that they don't see a way out of.

    The deaths of dear people.

    The unknown.


    Life as a disabled person.


    And a bunch of other stuff.

    And with the fear of death, for example, one of the areas of body-oriented psychotherapy works well: thanatotherapy, the author's method of V. Baskakov. Not as an ad; “really effective.

  2. I've never been afraid of death in my memory. No, on the contrary, it is something natural for me and has never been a grief or something bad for me. Maybe because I am a lonely sage and a “god without earthly desires”? Maybe because I have more spirit in me than flesh?

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