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  1. Not everyone and not always – as you know, most are much more inert than a small screaming bunch of loudmouths and idiots.For harmful old women in transport, millions of caring grandmothers, for a million gopo-cattle – many times more selfless and simple men, for a bunch of fanatics – millions of really believers and otzvychivyh. But since the media needs to promote something and create readability for themselves, they dig up game and abomination for viewing. And the game and abomination are grateful to them for this, since they consider themselves the legislators of everything that happens.�

    Just as not all gamers are nerds, not all military personnel are rude and uncouth, not all blondes are fools, you can list them indefinitely.

  2. Perhaps this means that there are relatively many designated people in Russia (other countries). This is probably true, and this state of affairs is not accidental, although, in my opinion, if we talk about Moscow, there is one clearly cultured person for every obviously uncultured person. I'll move on to trying to describe the cause of the problem.

    Please note that in the wording of the question, without realizing it, you made a false logical generalization (almost All tactless, although it is unlikely that this was meant). On the other hand, pay attention to many of the people who answered you. There were phrases like “the pig will always find dirt”, ” … Everything…”,”… Everything…”, etc. Such phrases again mean false logical generalizations and, in general, false logical statements. Now you can pay attention to the fact that a critical false logical statement made in our address can cause negative emotions. Therefore, even in ordinary communication, we are prone to experience negative emotions, rejection. But why does a Russian person tend to make mistakes in phrases, which can cause dissatisfaction with the interlocutor? You can get rid of the saying about the two troubles of Russia, but it also contains the same mistake, a false generalization (they say that All roads are bad, and almost All Russian-speaking fools). Therefore, it is necessary to reason. In my opinion (and I, by the way, was engaged for some time in mat. linguistics), the problem is in the grammar of the language! An accurate description of a certain situation in the Russian language requires almost perfect knowledge of all grammatical rules and the corresponding vocabulary, our language is, as they say,” clerical”, hence – say what is wrong, the essence will change. Therefore, often what we want to say does not correspond to what we say. Thus, we probably meet people who do not want to offend (and why, in fact), but are inclined to carry heresy, which people (especially educated, picky about words) can offend. Notice how long I have been expounding this essentially simple idea. This fact is in her favor. Alas, it may be that without these explanations, you will either be completely agreed with or Completely disagreed with, and this, obviously, does not answer the question.

  3. You don't need to generalize.Everyone sees what they want. Simply put: “A pig will find dirt everywhere.”Of course, there are some, but, I dare say, from the height of 70 years of living, there are still fewer of them, much less. Did the author meet British or Germans on the beaches of Turkey or Cyprus? I advise you, that's where the bad manners are, the local legends go.

  4. I would say that first of all, as noted earlier, not everyone, but yes, most. In Russia, the principles of education are different. This is basically a kindergarten system. There is “obshchak”, there is tactlessness and sometimes on the part of caregivers. In the West, after all, a personal approach. and respect for other people's property and territory. No one from a well-bred “white” family in the West will come to the head just to visit a neighbor. dig into your personal life. This is just nonsense. This is only possible in African neighborhoods . The coenobitic life, so carefully instilled in Russians in the USSR, left a very peculiar imprint on the psyche.

  5. Believe me, not only Russians. All over the world, there are enough people with poor upbringing, a bunch of all sorts of problems, starting with a failed life, ending with lack of sleep or a tasteless lunch.

  6. I agree with the local answer of Anatoly Seroy. But I will note that this is rather not an answer to why rudeness and anger, but why the mentality is not freedom-loving.

    Anger and bad manners. This is not even a consequence of the mentality brought up in the people. There are also peoples where there is no mass rudeness and bad manners, but the love of freedom is also mute there. These things are rather tools in the hands of competent “pastors”. It is easier to lead an ill-mannered or uneducated “herd”, which, at the behest, can get angry at something that is good for half a turn, than kind-hearted and tactful people. More precisely, it is easier to make them create or believe in all sorts of aggressive and totalitarian game. Poverty, poverty and the need to survive create mass envy and distrust of people towards each other, because of the well-known and flourishing cult of “nae*and your neighbor” in the country. Envy and distrust create anger and rudeness, as well as a culture of bad manners. “Why do you need manners in a society where everyone thinks that only a liar will smile broadly at you?”, many people think so. They will continue to try to incite and nurture anger in us. The evil one is easier to manipulate, the evil one and the twisted one are less likely to look around and behind their back, and do not see what the one who pointed out to them what is angry is doing there. But if you look at the experience of other countries. It is worth raising the standard of living above “Eurydaeus is forced to survive”, somewhere up to “all the norms my family will definitely have a future”. Then the level of responsiveness and kindness increases. People are more willing to help each other during difficult days and try to understand the essence of problems more.Although this characteristic dances there depending on many other factors. But this is a slightly different topic of conversation.

    PS I will not say that I am a supporter of absolute good and beaver. Anger is useful, anger is sometimes necessary. But like all your actions, you must control your anger, not your anger. Because then someone else will take the reins.
    �UPD. I may be paranoid, but it's even strange that everyone who answers the question itself is essentially minusyat mercilessly. And those who entered into an argument with him, collected pluses, although not all of them…

  7. And where is “tactful, well-mannered and kind” ? show me the country with your finger.

    It is desirable that you do not see this from the point of view of a tourist.

    I now do not deny that our rudeness blooms in full bloom.
    but it's still interesting to know where it's different.

  8. I would say that the question is incorrect, because there are completely different people living in Russia. And smart, and tactful, and well-mannered. And temples, too. And sometimes they are the same people, because the same person may have different moods, different life circumstances. And for this reason, he can behave intemperately, despite all his intelligence.

    So here's what I'm saying: let's not row everyone under one comb, and become more tolerant and friendly ourselves. After all, each of us in particular is a component of the concept of “Russian”.

  9. Gentlemen, don't you think that the question itself is somehow evil? Provocation, draws out a feeling from the respondent that makes him pour out more bile uncontrollably? Good luck to you.

  10. All over the world, people are the same regardless of nationality: there are evil and good, stupid and smart.

    What usually makes people angry is the presence of life's (mundane) problems and the lack of ways to solve them. When a person is driven into a dead end, and the good, once in the past, will now become evil.

    You don't have to be a great thinker to understand this.

  11. The question is inherently strange. I would like to ask the author, is he not a Russian (resident of Russia)? If so, he just asked why he is angry and rude as well 🙂

    Well, it's not that important.

    If we talk about any population, we should use a certain measure of refinement. There are always exceptions. Therefore, “majority/minority”should be added to the question. Why are most Russians angry ? I don't think so. Why are there rude and angry people?

    About Russian society. Russian society is strongly infantilized by the Soviet period, when the state occupied all spheres of society's life – spiritual, economic, etc. The official position and disposition towards the president is explained by the fact that generations of Russians are used to a strong state that takes care of them. At the same time, the memory of the events of Perestroika and the 90s, when the state betrayed them and drove them into poverty, is still alive. Therefore, the Russian majority is in a toxic relationship with the state – on the one hand, Russians are trying to trust the authorities, on the other hand, they are very suspicious. Such an emotional background cannot but affect the behavior of Russian people. Rudeness is the language of a person who is afraid of not being heard.

    Here I will quote Monsieur Gustave from the film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”:

    Rudeness is just a manifestation of fear. People are afraid of not getting what they want. As soon as the most evil person feels that they are loved, they open up like a flower.

    The author has personally verified, albeit not without stuffing cones, that a good attitude transforms a person.

  12. Have you noticed how the question is posed? This is a peremptory statement, without the possibility of an opposite point of view.That's how people get brainwashed. Why are Americans angry,tactless, and ill-mannered?

  13. the Russian Church became Orthodox under Stalin, and was orthodox according to the Greek rite. Orthodox Christian is like St. Petersburg in the Leningrad region. Orthodoxy is rule to glorify, rule is the laws of the Vedic gods, there is also yaviand navi.

  14. already in the title of the article, false nodes are called generalization.As far as I understand, the author does not consider himself a Russian (however, like a lot of children of our “elite”). All these pseudo-intellectual revelations I heard enough during the perestroika.Their meaning is for everyone to repent and listen to our kind and tactful neighbors from the West Where these ideas have led us – judge for yourself.The author has a lot of complexes, but work on yourself= it's hard, but problems of a global scale are seeds for him. However, he is not the first, he is not the last of those who have plumbing leaks, but they decide the fate of civilization.

  15. Counter-question: “Why Americans, British,French(please underline)so kind, tactful and well-mannered?

    1. The colonies they had around the world.

    2. The genocide they organized under various pretexts�

    3. The ideology that they “impose everywhere”

    4. The financial Kabbalah of society, which pulls civilization into the abyss

  16. and the question is incorrect. it is initially negatively charged. And Russians are different-good-evil-grumbling-positive-young-elderly-ordinary people. Everyone has their own life and worries and troubles-like all the inhabitants of the planet Earth. Stop shooting me. Stop clicking around. Live in peace already.

  17. The person who wrote the post is clearly building a cultural person himself, but in reality….

    In Russia, as in any other country, there are cattle, intellectuals, and something in between.

    In Russia, there was no such slavery as in Europe,as well as a particularly strong technological backwardness.And there is no need to talk about the Communists who raised our country to world hegemony.

    The question should be put to the author,but tell me in which country there is no lack of culture?What country didn't have serfdom?What country didn't have civil wars?

  18. Comrades ! Just think about these monstrous, revealing lines of a certain Oksana Tulpa from the answer above, which prove the absolute anti-liberality of our “liberals” :

    “No one from a well-bred “white” family in the West will think to fall in just like that to visit a neighbor . dig into his personal life. This is just nonsense. This is only possible in African neighborhoods .”

    What else do you need to prove that our “liberals” are not liberals at all, but real fascists, racists, xenophobes, anti-Semites and everything in this direction? They pompously and arrogantly teach Russia democracy, equality, respect for the rights of minorities, and at the same time are the most violent racists!

    Half of THE UNITED STATES IS, IN YOUR OPINION, second-or third-class people, unworthy to be called and be people. And it is you who teach us democratic laws ? And this is your “law-abiding”, “liberal” America? I want to spit in your cynical, impudent faces!

  19. And foreigners (especially Americans) are all pretty darlings.. Mimimish cats? За Fluffy bunnies.? �And everyone is happy to see you ? �All their smiles do not express joy or a cheerful feeling. It's just a production duty at work.

  20. Well, here you are, Katya, a Russian? Russian woman. How do you formulate the question? Correct, tactless, ill-mannered and, one might even say, evil. Why don't you look inside yourself and see the reasons for this behavior, eh?)))

  21. God, what nonsense!Yes, we do not stretch our lips in a smile to the first comer,but for a kind person-the soul is open.In our concept – for a smile to a stranger, not in conversation, but just like that, casually-you can get rid of it.In the concept of a Russian person:laughing for no reason is a sign of foolishness.

  22. Question to the author (slightly modified from Carlson's famous question): “Author, why do you drink vodka in the morning?” Here is the logic of the author's question at about the same level.

  23. If a person is kept in a cage for a long time, he will become a beast. That's the reason for the evil.

    If a person is given propaganda noodles instead of education, he will become tactless and ill-mannered.

    70 years with a ponytail, when they were not allowed outside the fence called the borders of the USSR, this is the animal cage. Now it has been slightly expanded, but brainwashing technologies have remained and are used regardless of the system change.

    There is such a phenomenon that in the Soul, and for atheists it will be in the Psyche, there are laws that a person consciously or impulsively obeys. So there are three factors in the Soul: LOVE, CONSCIENCE, and DUTY.�

    Love is about Attitude, Liking, and Connection.

    Conscience is associated with Honor, Justice, and Respect(recognition).

    A Debt is associated with an Obligation, Contract, and Liability.

    Now take a good look and answer the question, how many of you know about this? No one knows anything about this software of the soul, so everyone acts according to the EGO program.

    The EGO has one single program TO SURVIVE at all costs.

    There are mental programs in the MIND and they are related to abilities. So, if a person is subject to the only requirement to SURVIVE, then he will develop his mind in the direction of acquiring the abilities for survival. In this case, the Mind will not develop, it will only gain the ability to survive.

    I hope you now understand why people in Russia are angry, tactless, ill-mannered? Unclear? SURVIVAL is the level of development of ANIMALS, primitive predatory animals that are ready to devour each other in the process of SURVIVAL. So the inhabitants of Russia can hardly even be called people, they are not even people, they are animals. Don't like it? And I don't like this way of putting it. But a fact is a fact and it is impossible to refute logic, you have to agree with this involuntarily. If they wanted to become human beings, they would not choose a ploughman, in other words, the leader of the pack, to rule them.

  24. Most of these questions are variants of the same question: why are they rude in Russia, don't smile, yell at children, can't argue normally, and so on. We are talking about the inability of Russians to treat another person with respect. This is indeed a key issue of Russian culture, where from time immemorial economic and servile relations prevail and equal dignity is not recognized for another.

    I think that the origins of this are in the centuries-old history of Russia. The concept of dignity — dignitas) is Roman in origin and had moral, political and legal significance in Ancient Rome. In the moral sense, it meant honesty, incorruptibility; in the political sense, it referred to the highest magistracy of the Republic, and then the Empire. In legal terms, it was associated with the stoic idea of a universal natural law, which is designed to distribute justice equally among people, regardless of their position. This concept was based on the definition of man as a rational being, participating through his mind in the rationality of the cosmos. Cicero argued (and many others followed him) that intelligence makes any person ontologically equal to another. Hence the important Roman idea of the state as a moral organism designed to provide the common good for citizens, and not just create conditions for the enrichment and uncontrolled rule of a select few. This understanding of dignitas has become part of the blood of the civilization that inherited the Greco-Roman cultural tradition. It has also become an integral part of Latin theology since Leo the Great and Augustine.

    Saint Thomas Aquinas argued that dignity is a natural property of a person and does not fall under the competence of theology. In his eyes, a person was free by nature from the moment of birth. The tradition of respect for dignity runs through the Renaissance, Hume, Kant and other thinkers of the time. The struggle between church and state, which formed the basis of European history, led to the gradual recognition by the Church of the autonomy of the secular sphere of life. At the same time, the spiritual life of a person was getting out of control of the secular authorities. Both the Church and the State gradually learned to recognize the individual's right to political and spiritual autonomy, which is closely linked to dignity.

    Russia received from Europe only theology brought from the Byzantine Empire by Greek monks. Greco-Roman ethics, jurisprudence, philosophy, and literature did not have any influence in Russia until Modern times. A person in Russia was understood as the property of a prince and a servant of God. At the same time, no autonomy of the spiritual sphere from the state was recognized. The very concept of dignity did not have any circulation until the first generation of “immaculate” nobles appeared at the beginning of the XIX century. In Europe, the category of honor — one of the central in the Middle Ages, and in Russia it penetrates almost only in the XIX century. Together with the concept of honor that emerged, the Russian aristocracy acquired a sense of human dignity, which did not have time to take root in other classes and was quickly trampled into the mud after 1917. Serfdom — and, in fact, 400-year-old legalized slavery-also played a role.

    As a result, Russia has never formed an attitude towards another person as an equal. And even now, in the XXI century, there is a detachment and even rejection of modern European norms and rules of behavior, structures of consciousness from the usual everyday life with its violence, rudeness, patience and servility. This is a much more general problem than personal differences between individuals or groups of people. It consists in the civilizational incompatibility of the almost European Russian person and the still serf Russian society

    Rudeness, in all its manifestations, arrogance, coldness (that is, just the lack of external recognition of dignity for others) are the product of this long history.

  25. 1. Bad genes and heredity.

    Byzantium, imposed by force and political influence, is the most unfortunate version of Christianity, consisting in lush external forms and lack of content. Russia was baptized, but not enlightened (c) �Method of thinking (mentality) It was introduced by a special form of Orthodoxy, in which this religion came to Russia.

    Since the advent of Christianity in Europe, theological disputes have never ceased.�For thousands of years, free thought has not been afraid to question any theses and rituals of Christianity. Russian religious culture excluded this right and was based only on faith – in Russia, religious thought did not exist until the middle of the XIX century. Instead of the right to reflect on God, the Russian person had the duty to believe fervently.

    Our virgin pagan consciousness has never learned what a culture of discussion is. As a result, any attempt to think critically about religion has come to be regarded with pagan trepidation – as a mortal sin.Therefore, while in Western Europe the development of universities began in monasteries and religious centers, in Russia monasteries became protective outposts of the only and infallible truth. It is not surprising that in Russia the university as an independent institution appeared six centuries later, because the university is a dispute. It is also not surprising that it immediately became a hotbed of sedition and freedom and subsequently existed under the watchful eye of the tsarist Okhrana and under the constant threat of closure.

    A. Konchalovsky

    It can be said that for almost nine hundred years critical understanding of the Christian faith had no right to exist in Russia and was mercilessly punished.

    2. Age-old historical backwardness.

    Christianity came to Russia when it had already existed for 1000 years in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It came as already noted in the Byzantine version, which had previously destroyed Byzantium itself and was inherited by Russia. Further , the yoke of the Mongol-Tatars did its “black” work and also added its contribution to the process of lagging behind Russia. Then Russia developed on the periphery of the great European civilization, and its culture can only be called Western with great stretch. Russia has not passed the Reformation, the Renaissance, four hundred years of civil society and European democracy formation.

    3. The Heresy of Communism. A ghost haunts Europe, the ghost of communism.

    It is not entirely clear why the Ghost wandering around Europe still settled in Russia-most likely again due to the tendency of Russian people to blindly believe and not reason, but its cultivation on Russian soil added darkness to the consciousness of the Russian ethnic group – a new type of person was bred, whose name is homo Sovieticus. This is a man who has been given Marxist-Leninist demagogy.

    The homo sovieticus society has its own criteria for evaluating the qualities and actions of individual members. These criteria largely do not coincide with similar criteria in other types of societies. They are situational. From this point of view, “homosos” is flexible and plastic to the point that it seems completely spineless.

    A. Zinoviev

    1. Off-road conditions. The Russian ethnos was never able to become consistent and unambiguous in anything – neither in Christianity, because it remained a pagan, nor in civilizational development, because it was on the periphery of it, nor in socialism, because the project was blocked. The time has come for a breakthrough in the direction of democracy and the liberalization of society in the 90s. And then everything went wrong and again a turn to communism, to the” bright ” past of the USSR + Orthodoxy of the brain, sorry brain. I'm not joking or trying to be rude, but how else can you call such a “Christianization” of the Soviet and Russian consciousness? Now there is Stalin, Patriarch Kirill, Icons of Motorola, Nicholas 2, Lenin in the Mausoleum, Tsarebozhie, USSR, Krymnash, Radioactive ash, Kirdyk to America, we can repeat.

    All this chaos and the inability to separate flies from cutlets has become such a dense “vinaigrette” in the minds of the Russian philistine that only cliches, rudeness, dogmatism and fanaticism can be born out of this abyss.

    Bright representatives of the ethnic group made a ” Statement to Trump on behalf of the ENTIRE people of Russia!”


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