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  1. Well, here the question of heredity plays a big role. During the development of the fetus, deviations may occur and the child will be born with anomalies. There are physical and mental disabilities. Those who are restricted in movement can consider themselves happy people. Others were much less fortunate. They were born with mental retardation and in fact have little in common with ordinary people. Logical or imaginative thinking is not available to them, and they cannot function fully. But you're probably wondering why? After all, it is unfair and wrong that some people are healthy and full of energy and aspirations, while others do not have the opportunity to realize their potential. But the world is not a fairy tale with a happy ending. It makes no sense to look for some kind of higher, all—powerful and omnipotent justice. This is an ethical concept and is valid only in relation to the interaction of people with each other. Nature often makes mistakes, because it is chaotic and random. It has its own misfires and a lot of marriage. BUT that's the beauty of it. Out of thousands of failed mutations, there is one that gives an impetus to the development of a new species and the whole of nature as a whole. Therefore, be glad that nature has not given you any injuries or deviations and, if possible, help people with disabilities to overcome difficulties.

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