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  1. If we are talking about school education, then science is not given to anyone – science just lies and waits.
    Someone takes everything, and someone takes something to choose from, while everyone is in more or less equal conditions (with the exception of children with extra chromosomes and other “special needs”).
    Yes, every first child cannot become an Einstein, but the vast majority of children can master the entire school curriculum (I have already mentioned exceptions).
    But it's boring. And for a long time. And so many people are moaning about the uselessness of school knowledge.OK, the moaning is not about knowledge, but about grades, but what kind of knowledge can a two-year-old have?

    So it turns out that for the school program “I am a humanities scholar” = “I didn't bother with exact sciences too much”. And vice versa, of course.

  2. I don't think there is a precise definition here. Nothing but desire, awareness,purpose. Believe me, there are so many exact sciences that there is no one in the world who could do everything, just as there is no one in the world who could do all the humanities. In my opinion, the personality is determined by the concentration of sciences, relationships. And I divide them not just more precisely and more precisely, but much deeper. Many exact sciences are based on a continuous theory.which is somehow confirmed by practice, and some on the contrary contains a theory of 5-4 lines, which simply sums up all the possible experience gained. Understand that without any calculations, you still can not live, as well as without various reflections and concepts. I think you just haven't seen enough yet. Go deeper into the science, it's interesting. It is difficult but interesting, and the main thing is that your erudition and the ability to build various speeches and lectures on any topic will be pleasant to you yourself. But everything needs its time. Once I was so stupid that I just put a bolt on the basics of those sciences that are now what I am respected for. Yes, and I'm not a role model, rather the opposite. Look at the fact that this is just some me telling you and understand how deep and serious it is.

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