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  1. Once upon a time, a local forum discussed gopnik and one biologist expressed a trivial idea that somehow did not occur to him. Gopniks are people who have not found a socially acceptable place in society. But their very talents, which nature stores in the genotype and diligently reproduces, these talents may well be useful. For example, a lot of front-line soldiers, based on their memories of the Great Patriotic War, say that in intelligence there were often people who were hooligans in ordinary life. Audacity, the ability to suppress an opponent before physical contact verbally and in general in one form, resistance to stress. In other words, the problem is that even in peacetime, society finds use for people with such talents. If you strain your memory and Google, you will be able to remember many people who were in bad company as a child, were a gopnik, but found themselves in completely different normal life roles.

  2. Because education, mental development and the complexity of the neural network structure is a long labor-intensive process that does not guarantee biological benefits.

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