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  1. I don't know about everything, but in my experience I can say that I am constantly in the red for two reasons – the resource does not like the Christian paradigm, that is, the view of things from the point of view of the teachings of Christ, and also does not like when homosexuality is treated as something unnatural, sick, perverted – it is customary to talk about them as dead: either good or nothing. No different Shift of Overton windows.. Therefore, I conclude that atheism is in the mainstream at TheQuestion, in particular anti-Christianism and openness to “gay culture” and other sexual “freedoms”. I think one thing follows from the other.

  2. Because the society on the site is very monotonous-these are young people with a similar worldview. Below is a list of answers that will almost certainly be obscured:

    • answer about religion as something good;
    • answer about Russia's victories in any areas;
    • The answer about LGBT people as not something good;
    • answer about problems in Western countries (sarcastic references to the Russian Federation will automatically appear in the comments);
    • short answer about your personal emotional attitude to something (the site likes demagogy and pseudo-objectivity);
    • a response based on a story that deviates from the official version;
    • answers from well-known people in Russia who are usually disliked.

    So it's all about the audience. The TQ audience, along with Facebook, is a kind of antipode of Odnoklassniki (what is automatically added by some is automatically minus by others). The standard of diversity and democracy remains, of course, the Vkontakte audience.

  3. Give specific examples even then, because I did not observe anything like this at all. Incorrect answers from people who do not understand the essence of the question, or just moral freaks and trolls, are ignored.

  4. Often, littered responses reflect the hell that the respondent is hatching in his head. You've already noticed this:�

    question about the state of the Russian economy – an answer about the tricks of the United States;

    question about the relationship between a man and a woman – the answer of my mother's alpha male, who planted a friend under a beer cup;

    the question of science and technology is the answer to mysticism, religion and esotericism.

    Sometimes people just want to think about a question they don't understand, and they lead the answer into some muddy jungle without ever coming to a conclusion.�

    But often, especially in questions about personal experience in something, the hidden answers reflect an antisocial asshole and his not very pleasant actions and decisions, especially if he does not regret them and did not come to any adequate conclusions.

    So yes, just like on any resource with karma and rating – avoid the ones that are minussed.

  5. Because people don't like to see things that take them out of their comfort zone, point out mistakes, or go against their judgment. Therefore, topics related to religion and politics often get the most disadvantages.

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