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  1. Why are the Russian people so patient?

    I think it's because of Orthodoxy. It is Orthodoxy that teaches and places the main emphasis on humility-they say “God endured and told us to” and this was what is called a part of the mentality of the people. Although it must be said that not everything God ordered to be tolerated, many things God did say to change, correct, and so on, but due to the fact that a deeper understanding is not available for the majority in the church, such a simplification has arisen.. In fact, everything is much more complicated :

    “Lord, give me the peace of mind to accept what I cannot change, give me the courage to change what I can change, and give me the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.”

    Again, about patience – it turned out to be not true patience at all, but only an accumulation of emotions and negativity, which successfully resulted in 1917, so much so that the universe trembled.

    The Russian people are not really patient, but rather complex and unenlightened. Learn, learn and learn as bequeathed by the apostles of Christ.

  2. Yes, it's just that the Russian people (like any other) arrange riots, revolutions and other armed obscenities only in cases when there are no other options left at all — when the lower classes cannot live in the old way, and the upper classes do not want to live in a new way.

  3. There is a patient person who does this by choice (for example, a mother who gets up to the child every 40 minutes at night), and there are “patient” and “slave”. Unfortunately, we tend to have a more slavish psychology. It is enough to recall that serfdom was abolished only in 1861, and not by the will of the people, or thanks to a mad wave of riots, but by the will of the tsar. The slaves were given freedom that they didn't really need, and they are trying to get a strong hand back – that's why the people are so longing for Stalin and the “strong ruler” in general, and that's why they respect Putin so much.
    Most of the people with free will, and without slave psychology, were mowed down in the revolution and in the next 30 years, and some escaped themselves.

    There is a Russian revolt, but it is known that it is “senseless and merciless”, and very often it is provoked by smart organizers with far-reaching plans.

  4. In search of an answer to this question, you will be interested to read the work of Alexander Prokhorov “Russian Management Model“. Sometimes I want to argue with the author, but in general it is very interesting to understand folk history as the formation of a mentality.

  5. In fact, the Russian people are not patient at all. If you study our history carefully, you will notice that the number of riots, uprisings and unrest we had was huge. We even call the 17th century “rebellious”. Add the Decembrist uprising, numerous assassination attempts on Tsar Alexander II, numerous workers ' strikes in the early 20th century, and three revolutions (1905, February and October 1917). And this is only what comes to mind offhand.

    Only it usually ended in blood. And we have a population of” rebels ” washing out: they either die or migrate. Every generation there are more patient and quiet people, until there is a surge of such protest activity again.

  6. Because our people live in such weather conditions that we have never had time to be indignant. In a short summer, it was necessary to make supplies for the entire winter. And in winter, do not die from the cold. Add to that the constant wars.

    Now compare it with those countries where it's hot almost all year round and you can grow food, and cattle eat grass all year round. Why not go on strike?!

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