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  1. After “Saw and Realized”, there are two more steps: 3) changed and 4) consolidated practical behavior with positive feedback. That's probably what you're missing.

    A person is characterized by conditioned reflex learning. If you don't start doing things in a practical way, making actions based on conscious mistakes and changed attitudes, and receiving positive feedback, then they, these attitudes, will not go anywhere. Any mental work requires its reinforcement by behavior and its positive reinforcement.

  2. These stereotypes may be older than you by about a billion years (in the literal sense of the word, this is not a metaphor). How can they be overcome by any kind of” elaboration “and”awareness”?

  3. Because stereotypes in the brain exist in the form of connections. The more often the signal passes through these connections, the stronger they become. There is such a process in the brain — myelination. This is the process of isolating the nerve cell process that the signal travels through. If the signal often passes through the process, then the process is eventually covered with a substance called myelin. As a result, the speed of signal transmission through this process increases many times.

    Therefore, when you try to abandon the old understanding in favor of a new one, it may be difficult for you for a while. Because signals pass through the old networks faster. And you attach a new fragment to the old network. This new piece of the network has only just formed, so it's slow. Therefore, you need to spend some time repeatedly confirming new experiences in order to strengthen new connections. This is similar to how when a hand or leg is numb, it is difficult to use it at first and you need to wait until the blood from the rest of the body enters there and the processes normalize.

    Old connections stay forever, but when you get a new experience, you complement the old one. If you compare consciousness to a telescope through which a person sees the world, then the new experience can be compared to attachments on a telescope with more powerful lenses. The more new and useful experiences there are, the more additions there are to the telescope, and the closer the perception of the world becomes to reality.

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