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  1. I would like to insert my 5 kopecks about Freddie( perhaps my conclusions can be applied to the rest of the people mentioned in the question)

    Freddie wasn't originally gay, he had a wife.�

    Freddie Mercury was a genius, and most likely, this and the bohemian lifestyle that he led, led to the fireplace out. I mean, people of his level, his level of fame and popularity, are starting to go a little crazy, wanting more, more, more! And in the end – women, orgies, drugs, and then men..

    And in general, any genius is a deviation from the norm, which is why a person differs from the ordinary concept of “normality”

  2. I agree with the previous commentator, but I also want to make a suggestion that many people may not like, but still. I have this suspicion-the assumption that some public people make a camingout for the sake of PR. I want to explain. When a public person talks about it, they 1)attracts attention 2) they write about it in the media 3)they start talking a lot about him (world of mouth) 4) many people start treating such people with respect (allegedly how much they were silent) 5) and in general, being tolerant is fashionable, and if you are a representative of the LGBT community, then you are tolerant in any way. Again, I do not claim about all of them.

  3. There are no more or less gays among celebrities than there are among the mediocre or ordinary people. Simply, having become famous, they feel that they are above public opinion, they do not care about someone's assessment, they have already achieved so much, and therefore they do not hesitate to admit their orientation. At the same time, ordinary people are more dependent on the opinions of others and hide it much more often.�

    In fact, the percentage of gays to straight people is about the same everywhere, in any country, among any religion and stratum of society. There are as many gays in Iran as in Holland, but if there is no point in hiding in Holland, then in Iran they do not admit it, because there is a fear of being stoned

  4. Because if you care about gays, then it's only natural that your attention is focused on them. And he puts the rest in the shade

    You mentioned a few names, but how many did you leave out? A typical “survivor's mistake”.

    They named Tim Cook.. But what about Steve Jobs himself, compared to whom Tim Cook pales?

    And Bill Gates?

    And now the score is 2:1. How many such businessmen are there in total?

  5. I think all of them were acutely aware of their otherness and alienation. The only way out for them is often immersion in themselves, the constant need to reflect on their situation, the negative they encounter. They fall into fantasies, dream of a better future. The constant frustration of not being able to get approval from others. They think and think and think again. They make discoveries. They challenge their oppressive environment. And, in the end, they achieve something.

    I see it this way.

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