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  1. There's nothing supernatural about it. Some nostalgic people found the era of developed socialism in their younger years, when they had opportunities, forces and interests that existed precisely in the spectrum of communist values.

    Then the actual percentage of communism supporters will vary with the time of the fall of the socialist system. If the regime fell 25-30 years ago, after which there were radical reforms, lustrations and political changes, then the probability of strong opposition of communists in such countries is small. In other cases, without proper changes and rotations, the Communists will hold their positions very firmly.

    It also depends on the influence of communist parties in the political activity of a particular state. If the communists in the country do not have influence, their lobby, their media in public life, then their strength will be weak, and if they do, on the contrary, they will be supported not only by people of pre-retirement and retirement age, but also by young people.

    There are still a lot of people in the territories of post-communist countries (and not only) who are willing to believe in the ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The same percentage of the total number will decrease after the fall of the socialist system, because society is also changing. Old ideas are being replaced by new thoughts and values. 2-5% of supporters will remain forever, changing generations (this is regardless of ideology, be it communists, anarchists, monarchists and other radicals).

  2. First, nostalgic people can hardly understand that they did not even live under socialism, which implies equality, but lived under totalitarianism and despotism.�

    Secondly, Andre Gide, in his book” Return from the USSR, ” wrote that education and culture in the USSR are more accessible than anywhere else,but they exist only in order to teach the people to blindly love power and everything.
    So that they love “power” and myth ” reflexively.

    Third, as it was sung in the song ” Gradsky:

    How young we were, how young we were.�

    How sincerely they loved, how they believed in themselves.�

    We were then greeted without a grin.�

    All the flowers on Earth's roads.

    Here is ” with the Soviet Union “so .People have youth and health, and a penis was standing, and they had money, but now they have nothing, but only a myth or fairy tale that they believe in.Like this.

  3. Human psychology is so arranged that after a certain stage in someone's 50s, we start to feel nostalgic for the youth of youth and childhood, and at the same time usually strictly in progress , the older you are , the earlier period you want to return , because you have already forgotten all the negativity of this period , but the deep memory departments produce pictures of your youth . So in Russia, for example, most pensioners want to return to the communist era . They grew up there . �Those who grew up in a different framework� return to other realities . But still in the period where obyno they were brought up . Everything goes back to normal. This is an axiom.

  4. But because they lived more honestly. We did not expect any meanness from the neighbors, even to say that we “Lived poorly” is impossible. YES, there were no yachts, now they are of course in every garage next to everyone's Bentley. What? No Yacht or Bentley? What a shame. So-there was no poverty, there was no wealth, but there is no poverty either. They lived on average. And now the authorities, in order to steal more money, are openly lying about what happened then. I read Orwell's 1984 book for the first time in 1992. There is a thesis that secially lied . Here is a quote from the book-it will probably become clearer. But I'm not sure. They're lying. You see, the authorities lie that it was bad, so that people were afraid to return there. In that Era. And the quote is very interesting:

    “You're much older than I am,” Winston said.- I was not born yet, and you were probably already an adult. And you can remember your old life, before the revolution. People my age don't really know anything about that time. You can only read it in books, but who knows if it's true in books? I'd love to hear from you. History books say that life before the revolution was very different from what it is today. Terrible oppression, injustice, and misery— such as we cannot even imagine. Here in London, a huge number of people from birth to death never ate their fill. Half of them went barefoot. They worked twelve hours, dropped out of school at the age of nine, and slept ten to a room. At the same time, a minority— a few thousand, the so-called capitalists— possessed wealth and power. They owned everything that could be owned. They lived in luxurious houses, kept thirty servants each, drove around in cars and fours, drank champagne, and wore top hats…

    The old man suddenly brightened up.

    – �Cylinders!”No,” he said.”How did you remember that?” I was just thinking about them yesterday. I don't know why all of a sudden. I don't think I've seen a top hat in years. Completely gone. And the last time I wore it was at my daughter-in-law's funeral. I won't tell you the year, but it must have been fifty years ago. Rent, of course, was taken for this occasion.

    “Top hats don't really matter,” Winston said patiently.- The main thing is that the capitalists… they and the priests, lawyers and others who were fed by them, were the owners of the Land. Everything in the world was for them. You ordinary working-class people were their slaves. They could do anything to you. They could have shipped you off to Canada like cattle. Sleep with your daughters if you feel like it. Order them to whip you with some nine-tailed whip. When you meet them, you remove your cap. Each capitalist was accompanied by a pack of lackeys…

    The old man brightened up again.

    “Footmen! I haven't heard that word in years, have I? Footmen. It's like remembering your youth, honestly. I remember … back when … I used to go to Hyde Park on Sundays to listen to speeches. Everyone was there-the Salvation Army, Catholics, Jews, and Hindus… and there was one… I can't remember his name now-but he was very vocal! Oh, he sneezed them. Footmen, he says. Lackeys of the bourgeoisie! Henchmen of the ruling class! Parasites� – that's how I bent it again. And hyenas … he definitely called them hyenas. All this, of course, about the Labor Party, you know.

    Winston sensed that the conversation wasn't working.

    “Here's what I wanted to know,” he said.Do you think you have more freedom now than you did then? Is the attitude towards you more human? In the old days, rich people, people in power…

    “The House of Lords,” said the old man thoughtfully.

    “The House of Lords, if you will. I ask, could these people treat you as inferior just because they are rich and you are poor? Is it true, for example, that you were supposed to say “sir” to them and take off your hat when you met them?

    The old man thought hard. He didn't answer until he'd finished a quarter of the glass.

    “Yes,” he said.� – They liked you to touch the cap. It seems to have shown respect. I really didn't like it— but I did, for a reason. Where to go, you might say.

    —Was it customary” – I'm telling you what I read in history books – ” for these people and their servants to push you off the sidewalk and into the gutter?”

    “One of them pushed me once,” the old man said.� – As I remember yesterday. On the evening after the rowing race-they were very rowdy after the race – I run into a guy on Shaftesbury Avenue. Noble appearance-formal suit, top hat, black coat. He's walking along the sidewalk, swerving-and I accidentally bumped into him. Says, ” Can't you see where you're going?”� – says. I say, ” Did you buy a sidewalk?” And he said, ” Are you going to be rude to me? I'll turn my fucking head away.” I say, “You're drunk,” I say.”I'll turn you in to the police before you know it.” And, believe it or not, he takes me by the chest and shoves me so hard that I almost got hit by a bus. Well, I was young then, and I would have hung up on him, but here…

    George Orwell 1984.

  5. Because in every country there are lazy people who like to talk their tongues, and not work. And the simpletons who were screwed up and simply intimidated and put in a desperate situation will work for workdays. They are like aphids on a cultivated plant, if it is not removed, the plant will die.

  6. If you didn't live in the 90's, it's no use explaining it to you.
    In one of Tokarev's songs there are the words: “Bankers and ministers live well here. And here anyone doesn't care about anyone.” This is a song about New York, which is already 50 years old. Previously, it was perceived simply as a rhyme. Now it is clear what it really is.
    So they are nostalgic for those times when they got on a plane with a ticket (without a passport), people were ready to help each other without fear of getting into trouble, apartments were distributed for free, and it was possible to make some long-term plans.
    How are the current regimes better? The fact that there was a layer of snickering bourgeois, but pi* sov divorced nemereno?

  7. And actually, why not ? What was wrong with communism ? Here all the respondents focus on the alleged memories of their youth. But in reality, people long for the times when we were the most powerful state in the world , the greatest Empire. When people were part of a single society, carrying out an audacious but great project. Local fans of the West prefer not to remember this.

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