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  1. Are you saying that a domestic cat who plays with a mouse for half an hour before strangling it, and then throws it at the owner's feet to get a dose of affection and whisky is not a sadist?: D

  2. First, we need to understand what we mean by the term “sadism”. There is sexual sadism – do you want to know about it? Or about sadism, as a tendency to violence in general?

    Secondly, we will not touch the animals, there are many fascinating examples of getting pleasure from violence.

    Third, now let's look at the psychological side of this phenomenon. Erich Fromm speaks beautifully about sadism-masochism in the books “Escape from Freedom”and” The Art of Loving”. So he concludes: both sadism and masochism are nothing more than attempts to stop being lonely.

    But I don't quite agree with some of his arguments. To the colossal desire to acquire indestructible connections is added the (maniacal) desire for power (here it is worth referring to the works of Nietzsche).

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