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  1. Cinema is like football for Brazil for the USA — a great chance to jump up without a serious platform. Children from rich families follow channels that are closed to the poor: they study at major universities in the world and inherit businesses. Acting is not very prestigious for them, but for those who are “out of the mud”, getting into the cinema is a super chance to break into the big leagues. There are only a few of them compared to the entire poor stratum, but in the small space of Hollywood, these units accumulate relatively much.

    However, over time, this club also becomes more and more closed: during the existence of the cinema, dynasties have already been formed, where children book their seats in advance for success.

  2. It's just a “Survivor's Error”. If a person was born into poverty, lived there, and eventually died, no one knows about them, and the Times magazine doesn't interview them to find out how they did it. And such people are simply the overwhelming majority. The most strong-willed+talented+lucky gain success. And Hollywood for America is like Moscow for Russia-you have achieved something, so you need to go there (and vice versa, you will go there and the chances of achieving it will increase)

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