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  1. In fact, each of us is like this, this is one of the features of the psyche. It consists in the fact that we have an attitude that we do everything right in most things and generally live as we should. But this or that person generally does the wrong thing and even dresses foolishly, etc. This is necessary for the stability of our psyche, without such confidence in our thoughts and actions, we will not be able to do simple things. It's like when you step on a pedestrian zebra crossing – you are sure that the cars should give way to you, because you have been taught to do so and based on previous experience. However, when people directly shine with wisdom and climb with it, this is often a way to assert yourself.

  2. This is not surprising. Do not deprive us of at least this small joy, sometimes to feel smart and “wise” people. Stupidity, it will not go anywhere, it is always there, as a loyal friend and companion, ready to help when we need it. After all, what is wisdom without stupidity is nothing. And with her dear one (stupidity, stupidity), wisdom manifests itself as a faithful sister and friend who does not reproach, does not judge, but looks at this wonderful, innocent quality of the mind as if it were an unreasonable child. Perhaps this union is the beginning and even a necessary process, in the union of which, one is transformed into the other.

  3. It's a mystery. There may be such a way of self-affirmation, But then again, how can such sages not understand that people perfectly see their essence, and laugh behind their backs? However, if these “wise men” do not occupy some leading position, such as the Minister of Education, for example, let them have fun. No one seems to be harmed. If only they are boring.

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