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  1. You are repeating old stereotypes. Take the population of Israel. 10 million Jews. About 80% of them will be “successful”. The same picture in Germany, the same picture in the USA, the same picture in Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, etc. There is no difference between Jews and non-Jews. For every Pasternak, there are three Gogols, two Dostoevskys, and six Pushkins.


  2. Many Jews are not successful, but educated. I think that in any educated environment, the percentage of successful people is plus or minus the same.

    But why there are so many educated people among Jews is an interesting question. Most likely, this is a “learned behavior”. Culturally and historically determined. There have been numerous outbreaks of anti-Semitism in history, when everything that could be taken away from Jews was taken away. The survivors needed at least some capital to start their lives anew. Knowledge is the only thing that cannot be taken away from a person. And the start-up capital is very good.

  3. Very interesting question. From the various answers already given about education, upbringing, etc., I can distinguish two things, for example:
    A) One of the most difficult texts I have ever seen in my life was the text of the Talmud,
    B) the ability to adapt and find a way out.

    The ancient text of the Talmud, with many completely incomprehensible passages, has been studied literally by heart in the Jewish community for centuries. A Talmudist was the best match for a Jewish girl, because it was both prestigious and noble, etc. – to know this text. Secular education only overlapped with the original Jewish education and then only in recent centuries: to learn the Talmud, you will need more than one year and not one method of memorization. Do you think it is possible to apply such skills to physics, mathematics, and music later (!)? The violin school is literally built and consists of Jews who have been practicing violin and music in general since their earliest childhood. This is also a tradition.
    Summary: the more skills you develop, the more arsenal of” tools ” you carry with you, in my opinion – and hence the success.

    The second thing I mentioned above is the ability to adapt and survive. Imagine that for centuries they are not allowed to farm, they do not have their own land, their own country and an army that will protect you from enemies, they constantly have to run away from persecution, they can rob or organize a pogrom in the store just because “your nose is crooked, you are a stranger” – or think for yourself what the reason may be. In such conditions, as Marina Melia, a psychologist of millionaires (!), says, “resistance to losing” is developed. Jews simply knew in advance that they might lose their business, their home, etc. Then the approach is developed “it's good that I took the money” – that is ,” I'm alive, so I can still do a lot of things.” And Jews just do something new or the same, but in a different place, in a different way.

    It seems to me that the success stories we know are formed precisely because of a certain habit of learning and not being afraid to lose. Of course, many Jews are very ordinary people, about whom we know nothing. Others – as in all nations! – more mobile and ready to learn. But if among other nations there are such fields as military service (look at how many portraits of military leaders there are in history textbooks in different countries?), civil service (presidents, prime ministers, diplomats, etc.), agriculture and industry, then the Jews – the choice in almost all countries at some point was limited. And they had to either invent new areas of activity, or be the best in an area that others didn't really consider.

  4. To begin with, I will inform you that I am not a Jew (or rather, I am a Slav). But I can confirm that, for example, among high-level mathematicians, the percentage of Jews is disproportionately large! This is an” experimental ” fact. And completely objective.

    I became convinced of the very large number of Jews who are very capable of mathematics both during my studies at school (with fiz-mat. biased), and when studying at Moscow State University.

    It is unlikely that this is the result of upbringing. Outstanding mathematicians have not yet consciously learned how to bring up children…

    Genetics – here, I think, something really is.

    God's chosen people? But what kind of God? Christians and Jews do not identify their Gods and usually do not claim that there is one God among all peoples…

  5. The incomprehensible and Omnipotent God chose this particular people out of all the diversity of ethnic groups inhabiting the Earth, entrusted him with the compilation of the Old and New Testaments, revealed the God-Man to the world in their midst, because God has everything on time, especially for those who can wait, reflect, think and hurry slowly, this people can, perhaps, “a little” better than others.

  6. Well, first of all, due to the high level of education in the Kingdom of Poland, part of the Russian Empire.

    As well as Austria-Hungary, where Jews began to receive civil rights.

    In a striking way, the most successful people are Jews from where?

    From Germany, the territories of Austria-Hungary, the territory of the Russian Empire.

    Because the USSR and the USA.

    Apart from class affinity-since Jews were mostly philistines and artisans, and were alienated from society for religious reasons-the strength of family and diaspora ties was higher than that of the national majority.

    The religious tradition of Judaism assumed a high role of reading books and Jews gained a strategic advantage.

    Their culture presupposed education, while in others education even at the level of a parochial school was eliminated by the development of a market economy.

    I have to say one more point – Jew is in many cases also not a particularly national term.

    Ethiopian Jews, who are not among the Nobel laureates, as well as Japanese Jews, are theoretically no less Jews than the Jews of Eastern Europe and Europe.

    Finally, migration, revolutions and pogroms drove Jews to industrial centers already formed by specialists.

    And when many specialists unite in one scientific school, science grows faster, thereby increasing the influx of new scientists.

    As it happens with Russian and Indian programmers in Silicon Valley, for example.

    This has already become a joke – that the name of the senior developer is either Slava or Raj.

    As a Jew, I ask you not to inflate stereotypes, we are not the best and not the worst – ordinary people.

  7. Whatever the success of the author of the question, in the mass of people, this stereotype is present – 100%.

    My opinion is that the large number of” successful ” Jews is explained by the choice of development directions during the creation of the State of Israel.

    In a country that is poor on natural resources, it remains to develop human resources.

    The main bet and hope has always been on the human potential, on the intellectual component-from there, statistics on Nobel laureates and stereotypes about the “success” of Jews.


    If Russia were poorer in terms of natural resources, intellectual labor would be more widespread.

    * my opinion is my opinion

  8. I have to repeat myself about the success of Jews.

    Everything is understandable.

    This is the result of genetic selection.

    When other peoples were not yet peoples, but simply tribes, the Jews already had a written language. Think of the Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes.

    In addition, Jewish mothers carefully monitored who to choose as a life partner for their grown-up child. The smart child was chosen from a family with smart children. There was an inheritance and fixation in the genome of the mind!

    And more. The world has always been cruel.

    Stupid Jews were mercilessly destroyed by the environment, cunning Jews moved to other religious groups.

    Only the smart ones remained.

    It is correctly noted that receiving Nobel prizes is the national sport of Jews.

    By the way, the military merits of the Jews are also a manifestation of intelligence.

    There were even direct clashes between Russian and Jewish soldiers.

    For example, the battle over Egypt on June 30, 1970 during the War of Attrition – 24 MiGs against 16 Israeli aircraft.

    5 Migs were shot down in the first 3 minutes.


    In 1973, in the Golan Heights, 21-year-old Israeli Lieutenant Zvi Gringold set a world record by shooting down 60 Soviet tanks in 3 days, almost without sleep.


    In 1982, the complete defeat of the Soviet-created air defense system in southern Lebanon with a dry score. About 100 Soviet planes were shot down.



    But today, new information has arrived about the revolution in military affairs, that a week ago on 11.11.2021, Israeli, read Jewish planes cut down S-300s in Syria from a distance of 60 km.

    About it here https://proza.ru/2021/11/15/958

    Dear commenters!

    In this very interesting conversation about the reason for the success of representatives of the Jewish people in all spheres of human activity and my explanation of the origins of this phenomenon, and most importantly the results of the manifestation of this phenomenon, unexpectedly for me, the phrase usually causes the greatest interest for some reason:

    “…The Hebrew alphabet is the first in the world! Not a single alphabetic letter was known before him!”

    This particular phrase has been challenged by a variety of people whose lexical knowledge I have to bow down to, citing Sanskrit or the Phoenician script as an example.

    I admire their knowledge and proficiency in the vocabulary of these languages, since I do not speak either the Phoenician script or Sanskrit.

    But the most surprising thing is that considering this the first sign of the lack of education of opponents, and the lack of convincing arguments that the transition to my personal qualities is being made, assumptions are made about my person, which I, of course, and expectedly, do not consider justified, about my level of knowledge.

    I will have to repeat that my message to the people is about ALPHABETIC writing, not about cuneiform writing, nor about hieroglyphs, nor symbolic designations of concepts.

    We are talking exclusively about alphabets.

    In Hebrew-Aleph Bet.

    The words are similar, AlefBet-alphabet, isn't it?

    But now I have to quote, I apologize, from my own publication:

    “…All 22 letters of the alphabet are filled with content. Each letter is a concept.

    For example, the first 4 letters:



    Gimel-the camel,


    Isn't it true that the phonetics resemble the names of the first 4 letters of the Greek alphabet, but the names are devoid of the meaning present in Hebrew: alpha, beta, gamma, delta.

    I think you've already guessed where the wind is blowing from!”

    End of quote.

    After this quote, I expected commentators to object that, on the contrary, the Jews borrowed the names of letters from the Greeks!

    Alas, I did not wait.

    In full, if anyone finds this interesting, here:


    By the way, for the great experts on ethnic problems, I dare to say that there are no Semitic peoples, there is only a Semitic group of languages.

    I have to touch on the vocabulary of the Russian language.

    There are many, more than 2000 publications about this by Sergey Kolibaba , the founder of a new scientific direction in linguistics, who proves that almost all the vocabulary of the Russian language, including toponyms and hydronyms, has its source in the language of the Bible – Hebrew.

    This scientific direction is designated by the author himself by the term “Judeo-Christianity”!

    About it here https://proza.ru/avtor/shibolet1947

    And I can't help but cite the so-called ” Tree of Alphabets! “That's what it says in English at the top of the picture.

    This is an illustration of the sequence of language development over time.

    I took this photo with a tablet on the wall of the Samaritan Museum (the poor Samaritan is the hero of the parable in the Gospel of Luke), located in the Palestinian Authority on Mount Grizim, at the foot of which is the biblical city of Shechem, with the tomb of the biblical Joseph.

    About it here: https://proza.ru/2019/08/19/1014

    Finally, what is the most popular song in the world?

    I answer, but you can bet, Hava Nagila.

    Of course, in Hebrew, or as they used to say in the USSR, in Hebrew.

    Although can this language be called that?

    After all, it is spoken today by the entire highly developed state of Israel! It is taught in all diplomatic educational institutions, and in the military as well. What an antiquity to me!

    And more. Not quite competent commentators, who are used to concepts that are clearly understood on the territory of Russia, in particular the concept of God's election, interpret this concept as ” the election of the Jewish people to rule the world.”

    This interpretation of the concept got into the heads of these commentators from a well-known fake created by the tsarist Okhrana , called “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

    God's choice here, I'm talking about managing the world, has absolutely nothing to do with it..

    From the point of view of the Jews, this God-chosen person is designated by the word “ol” in Hebrew, i.e. a burden, a burden, a heavy burden that the Lord has placed on the Jewish people – to carry God's word to all other nations.

    About it here https://proza.ru/2020/11/17/1731

    So far, the Jews are doing quite well, I must say.

    They gave birth to Christianity in different versions and Islam, also in different versions.

    And it is a sin not to mention such an educated person as the mathematician I. Shafarevich. Although there is a certain belief that he was unable to refuse the offer of some Soviet historians in uniform and his texts were written under their dictation.

    Read more about this here https://proza.ru/2020/11/17/1731

  9. It's all about the national characteristics of the child's motivation. I reply with an anecdote. How do Russians scold a child if he has done something bad?

    • “Brat! The scoundrel! Yes, with such behavior, the prison is crying for you!”
    • And how do they do it in a Jewish family? “Semochka, how can you?! How can a future professor of gynecology behave like this?”
  10. Because your attention in this case is selective and you see what you want to see. Similarly, if you ask yourself why there are so many successful Englishmen in the world and start looking for examples, you will find a bunch of successful Englishmen and you will think that they are somehow particularly successful. You pay attention to one thing, and you don't pay attention to everything else, and it seems that this “one” is very much.

  11. This is the education and know-how of their installations. Technologies of social organization were formulated many centuries ago and they survived in a competitive environment precisely because, as a result of such selection, children with such upbringing grew up more competitive and faster.

    There is one of the key stories about the forefathers of mankind – the story of how Isaac was engaged in breeding sheep, which his rich relative-employer instructed him to graze. And Isaac found such a clever way of breeding sheep (he put willow branches on the sheep at the watering hole, from which the lambs needed by him, and not the owner, were born), that he soon became very rich.

    Much the same applies to the Laws given to Moses and supplemented by other Bible Teachers. Those who follow at least half of these laws become more successful among their peers.

    Well, that's how it is … well, remember the history of Russia in the 19th century. There was such a group of Russians-the Old Believers, they differed from the rest of the people in that they carefully observed all the laws of Christianity, honesty, chastity, patience and hard work. Thus, the percentage of Old Believers among successful capitalists and merchants was unusually high.

    It is the same among Jews: those who are hardworking, patient, and honest are more successful, while those who do not follow these rules are more likely to make mistakes and are less successful.

    And “chosenness” or “genes” are all myths, a crutch for those who want to feel different.

    The Germans also applied the rules of the Bible better than other nations and also tried to compete with the Jews in terms of” chosenness”, so much so that they went like a herd after Hitler.

    Now the best use of “life hacks” of the Bible is Anglo-Saxons. And they also feel like “God's chosen people”, not even like that: they believe that the Bible with its know-how is outdated and they no longer need it.

  12. Selection, dear Georgy P, selection. Moreover, it is she, and not natural selection.)) I do not know and I can not even guess who and when it occurred to appoint the Jews as extreme in all serious cases, but this stimulated the survival of the fittest. And since physical butting with superior forces would not have led to success, the more intellectually gifted ones survived and developed.))

  13. I'm sorry, but you're wrong. The Jews are not a God-chosen people, but a God-created people. Therefore, a Jew who at least does not try to live according to the laws of the Torah is no longer a Jew in the original, that is, religious sense, and God is not at all a nationalist who gives special qualities to some peoples.

    In my simple-minded opinion, there are about an equal number of talented people in any nation. For many centuries, Jews have tried to preserve their national identity and not lose themselves in the mass of the people among whom they lived. That is why they chose rare, so to speak, non-collective professions such as salesmen, jewelers, interest collectors (the forerunner of bankers), etc. But it is in them that success is most noticeable.

  14. They help each other and it makes life easier. They learn leadership and persuasion from high school. The Jews identified themselves as a nation and managed to build and maintain a state. And education comes first – to work not with your hands, but with your mind. Then many (educated Jews) become even more successful.

  15. In the Bible, which the Jews wrote for the Jews, the prophets are inspired by God. Have you ever wondered why, now, half the world is Christian, of different nationalities from different countries, but, for some reason, everyone has appropriated both the Bible of the Jews and Jesus? Why didn't any other people write the Bible??? After all, it was the Jews who wrote
    the Bible and preserved it, through centuries,through persecution, to this day. And, it is to them that we should be grateful for this. The Jews are God's holy, beloved people, His inheritance, and he has chosen them out of all created nations-Romans 9/4, 5-8 -,, the Israelites-and to them belongs the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and to them was given the Law, and the sacred ministry, and the promises……) (Exodus 19/5, 6 and 22/31 and 29/45)(Leviticus 20/26 and 26/12 and 25/35-55 -,, the Jews are only God's servants, they have no other master,,) (Deuteronomy 4/6 and 7/6-14-16 -,, blessed shalt thou be, greater than other nations,, and 8/18 -,, God giveth them power, to acquire riches,, and 10/15 and 14/2, 21 and 15/6 -,, to rule over other nations,, and 26/17-19 -,, above all nations,, – and 28/1-10) -13- ,, the name of God on the Jews,, be loan sharks, lend money( who are the owners of banks? Gref and others) and 33/28, 29) (2 Samuel 7/13-24) (3 Samuel 8/53) (1 Chronicles 17/21, 22) (2 Chronicles 36/15) (Joshua 1/9)(Isaiah 5/7 and 41/8-14 and 43/1-25 and 45/3, 4, 17 and 46/3, 4, 13 and 49/5-13,26 and 62/12 and 1/2)+ Jeremiah 2/3 and 10/16 and 13/11 and 31/1 and 59/19) ( Amos 3/2 and 2/11)( Haggai 2/5) ( Hosea 1/10 and 11/1) (Micah 5/8)))). God has chosen for himself a beloved nation out of all nations. He gave them laws, requirements, and commandments. God educates his people. Moreover,God told Moses first to write everything down so that it would remain for the next generation – Isaiah 4/3 and 8/1, 16 and 30/8 -,, write it down so that it would remain forever,,) (2 Chronicles 17/9, 14 and 31/4-18 and 36/8 and 34/14-30 and 35/12, 25 -,, the book of Moses,,) (Exodus 15/25,26 and 17/14 and 24/4, 7 and 25/9-39 and 32/15, 16, 32 and 34/11 27, 28)( Jeremiah 30/2 and 32/10-14,44 -,, put in a jug,, and 36/2-32 and 45/1 and 51/60.) Successful Jews,talented Jews,smart Jews, rich Jews – because they are God's people

  16. Revelations 7/4-8 and 14/1-5 -,, 144,000 of the 12 tribes of Israel,,. – joint heirs according to the promise, reward in heaven)(Romans 9/4, 5-8 -,, the Israelites, to them belongs the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants,to them was given the law, and the holy office,, and 8/11-28,29-39-,,,,,,) (Matthew 22/30 and 5/12- ,, reward in heaven,, and 25/34 -,, the kingdom from the foundation of the world,,) and (Mark 12/18-25) (and Luke 20/28-36-38) -,, they are promised the kingdom of heaven,,) (Luke 22/29, 30 -, the gathering for the kingdom of heaven began with the apostles,, and 12/32, 33 -,, It pleased God to give them the kingdom,,,) (John 3 / 3-7, 12 -,, baptized into the kingdom of heaven,,)+ Hebrews 2/14-18 -,, a promise is made from God,,) (Acts 2/39 -,, a promise is made to the Jews and their children,,)(1 Corinthians 4/1 -,, govern the sacred mystery,, and 6/2, 3, 14 -,, will judge angels,,) (

  17. I hear this question so often)) and I always remember my grandfather's words at such moments. He said: “When you have children, remember what I'm going to tell you now. A child can make 7 failed attempts or even mistakes and only make one correct decision, praise him for this one correct decision. Explain that you saw that he did something wrong 7 times, say that only by trying we find the right solution, that all skills are achieved exercise. Then the young person will not be afraid to do something, and even make mistakes, he will go to the goal, calmly, without fear of being judged for wrong steps. For him, achieving the goal will become more harmonious, and the fear of failure will not interfere.
    After all, we all come from childhood, and if you are brought up as the chosen, selected, best, then a strong personality is formed and responsibility to the world, G-d, your father and deeds does not allow you to be mediocre, uneducated and weak.

  18. And everything is very simple, God gives talents to everyone, and sinners too, and sinners in need, and Satanists and Buddhists and Jews and Catholics, even Satan has a gift from God – this is knowledge.

    It's not about gifts, it's about repentance.

  19. God really chose this people.

    He gave them the commandments,

    he admonished through the prophets

    He punished those who strayed from the path of righteousness,

    but he also made it easier for them to be captured and enslaved by other nations.

    The Lord Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem .

    This people is the prototype of the Christian people.

    Just as the Jewish people” were chosen earlier, ” so now Christians are God's chosen people.

    Only the people of Israel did not receive the adoption of God.

    And Christians through the Lord and receiving the Holy Spirit

    at Epiphany � �

    they are reborn by the spirit into a new person, being a member of the body of Christ,�

    And thus receiving adoption .

    How did God deliver the people of Israel from impossible enslavement and captivity,

    from Pharaoh and other rulers who captured the Israelites.

    Thus, through receiving the Holy Spirit within, God delivers Christians from captivity and enslavement to sin.

    And leads to the Kingdom of Heaven

  20. The topic can be called psychophysics.

    Among the Jews there are many famous people-politicians, businessmen, financiers, artists, almost no athletes, but many jewelers, doctors and almost all experts on all life issues. Why is that?

    Pre-Christian Israel was a small but very militant state in the Middle East, and their militancy was ensured by the law of Moses and the ideology that followed from the vow of God for their mission to carry out the Covenant on the day of judgment.

    Jewish baptism through the circumcision of the foreskin of male infants is an initiation into the prophetic mystery of the vehicle of God's Covenant. The mechanism of this function is as follows: the emerging consciousness of the baby is cut through by a sharp pain, against which the voice of a father, grandfather or priest loudly reading a prayer captures this bright moment and in the future, sometimes a teenager, young man or adult man hears a voice as the voice of God, which warns about some future event or trouble. A man, if he does not panic and does not go mad, then thinks about the meaning of what he has heard, in most cases he does not tell his family or friends about it, but tries to understand what has been said, thus training the brain and developing thinking.

    This property alienates people from the rest of the world, rallying them together, making them more emotional and jealous. Anyone who has read the Bible has noticed God's promise to the children of Israel to rule over the Gentiles, to trample them down like the dust of the earth. Who are pagans – the topic of the next article, but the ideology itself smells bad of fascism, although in those days it was widespread among the peoples, because there was no integration of peoples into a global society and international law with a system of universal values.

    This integration came with the spread of empires. After the entry of Israel into the Roman Empire, there was a sharp rejection by the Israelites of the new order, when caravans with foreign merchants began to travel through the promised land, and foreigners with “vile customs” began to settle in the cities, praying to their gods, so the authorities sent military force against their own people. The news of the birth of Christ, King of the Jews, so alarmed King Herod that he learned from prophecies about the approximate place of birth, sent an army to Bethlehem with orders to kill all infants-boys under the age of two. After this crime, all over Israel, parents began to hide their children, walking them only out of great necessity and avoiding all contact. Children were assigned to do homework, read the Torah and prophetic books in well-to-do families (handwritten books were expensive and not everyone could afford to buy even a small folio), so these stay-at-home people grew up not as warriors or athletes, but as scribes, gossips, informers and all sorts of father's assistants.

    After the Jewish anti-Roman revolt, the people of Israel were driven out of their land, and until the middle of the 20th century, the Jews lived among other peoples, reconciling with foreign gods and preserving the ancient Covenant and the mental brotherhood of the children of Israel…

    Thus, answering the question revealed above: this is both upbringing, and genetics, and the choice of God, that is, without choice.

  21. Everything is understandable. This is the result of genetic selection. When other peoples were not yet peoples, but simply tribes, the Jews already had a written language. Think of the Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes.

    In addition, Jewish mothers carefully monitored who to choose as a life partner for their grown-up child. The smart child was chosen from a family with smart children. There was an inheritance and fixation in the genome of the mind!

    And more. The world has always been cruel.

    Stupid Jews were mercilessly destroyed by the environment, cunning Jews moved to other religious groups.

    Only the smart ones remained.

    It is correctly noted that receiving Nobel prizes is the national sport of Jews.

    By the way, the military merits of the Jews are also a manifestation of intelligence.

    There were even direct clashes between Russian and Jewish soldiers.

    Let's say the battle of June 30, 1970 – 24 MiGs against 16 Israeli aircraft.

    5 Migs were shot down in the first 3 minutes.


    In 1973, in the Golan Heights, 21-year-old Israeli Lieutenant Zvi Gringold set a world record by shooting down 60 Soviet tanks in 3 days.


    In 1982, the complete defeat of the Soviet-created air defense system in southern Lebanon with a dry score. About 200 Soviet planes were shot down.



  22. This is an interesting question and not so easy to answer. There are many interpretations, but there is no consensus in the answers. Many people understand that Jews are a special nation that is different from other European nations. I give an opportunity to partially answer L. Hamon on this issue: “The Jews have always remained an unsolved mystery for me. I have often explored Judaism in search of answers to occult questions. I spent sleepless nights reading about the wonders of the great Kabbalah, Nora asking myself why this race was the most skeptical and materialistic of all that has survived at this point in time. THAT THOUGHT CAME BACK TO ME. A race that God taught the occult! A race whose twelve tribes represented the signs of the Zodiac! A race whose historical actions were predicted in advance, whose letters in the alphabet were associated with numbers and their occult meanings! Has the loss of the key to the occult secrets of their religion led to another Loss-the loss of greatness, the loss of their country, and the thousand other hardships they have endured since?”

  23. The people simply consist of the intelligentsia and the bourgeoisie, so they understand a lot about advertising. But for example, there are many things in Israel that do not allow their talents to be revealed, look at the films of Israel and compare Serbia, also a country with a diaspora and the same population figures.

  24. Moses (Yahweh) “was” ambitious .

    He planned to modify some of the chosen people from Egypt.

    And the next generation, figuratively speaking, was born with a built-in first-grade school education. And already Mature people knew everything, but forgot.

    At the behest, they discovered certain knowledge..

    It would seem that progress would have been inevitable at that time….

    But that wasn't the case . This army was used as an octopus (persecution to help us), and after 150 years, all the top authorities in the world were occupied by Jews and half-Breeds. Kings of intrigue..

    For several centuries, this elite has held back progress by any means necessary. And slavery-was the moral of society (slaves keep slaves-pure imitation)

    But…as they say, Yahweh is dead…. And the efforts of these famous scientists-

    we found a new channel.. An unstoppable leap of progress has shaken humanity..200 years -and we have almost virtual reality..

    But once again, someone was very afraid of this leap of humanity….

    The reins tightened again..

  25. Because there are many Jews and anti-Semites who automatically enroll any successful person as a Jew. This approach will always produce exactly the same result.

  26. Probably God's spark, after all, was, otherwise where does all This come from?! But this is more of a question for Yahweh…And we will turn to the history of many thousands of years ago…Of the 13 Semitic tribes, the tribe of Judah was the smallest, ranging from 2,000 to 5,000! Which, however, didn't stop them from announcing even then that they would rule the world! But the rest of the Semitic tribes didn't like it right away! And they began, in accordance with those wild times, to harshly oppress a small tribe! So, the first persecutions of the Jews were started by the Jews themselves! But there is something in it! Maybe the Jewish steel was beginning to be tempered! Well, and then thousands of years of persecution, from anyone, which also, which does not surprise me anymore, the Jewish people turned to their advantage! So floods, earthquakes, stones from the sky, the destruction of empires and entire nations, did not prevent the Jews from not only surviving, but learning, learning and learning! It is not surprising that they came to us the most prepared! Of course, and genetics! Millennia, could not but affect it! I'm not talking about parenting at all! He is still 4 years old, and he is already a cello, which is 2 times more than him on itself drags,you can not talk about the rest! And money, a Jewish boy, begins to count already in the womb of his Jewish mother! But how, they can not be successful!!?

  27. Of course, one can only accept that Jews are God's chosen people if one professes Judaism. This idea was also reflected in the Christian Old Testament, which is generally a slightly abbreviated “Jewish Bible”. However, the New Testament already speaks of the equality of Hellenes (Greeks) and Jews, and establishes the idea of equality of Jews with other nations. If I start talking about art (the area closest to me) and list those Jews whose work I value, it will take a long time to list (although I do not have any Jewish blood, or any very close Jews or Jewish women, so I am not subjective here). The Jews were also very successful in science. Finally, the Jews created two trends that, no matter how you treat them, played a big role in the twentieth century-Marxism and Freudianism (although Karl Marx did not consider himself a Jew, he still was, and one hundred percent). Apparently, the number of talented and even brilliant people Jews surpass other nations, which, of course, could only arise genetically. Parenting? Now, representatives of other nationalities may not necessarily grow up in a cultured family; for Jews, this is guaranteed. The abundance of rich businessmen among Jews, this ability of many Jews to make money, is caused by the very history of the people. Finally, of course, the famous Jewish solidarity also plays a role.

  28. Jews I know, friends of my parents, ordinary Soviet people.There are all sorts of them: both advanced and talented , and not so much, although they have an education. A classmate in her family has a mixed family.-

    At the children's insistence, the family moved to Israel. But, the head-a Jew-went back. Here is his homeland, friends, dacha, finally.

  29. The Jews of the first Diaspora did well during their exile in Babylon. In his book The Enduring Jews, Max Dimont states:: “In the libraries of Babylon, Jewish intellectuals discovered a whole world of new ideas. For five decades, the exiled Jews found themselves at the top of Babylonian society, in entrepreneurship, in the world of science and culture. They became leaders in trade, scientists, and advisers to rulers.”

  30. They have written in all the holy books how to deceive other people, and since Jews read these books from childhood and teach their children this, there are even games with children: “do everything with someone else's hands”, hence it follows that their Jewish children in adulthood are already prepared for deception, trade, betrayal, etc. Moreover, in the same books it is written that it is necessary to conquer gullible suckers with the help of Jewish capital, already accumulated on the purchase of stolen goods, alcohol and other negative vices of society. There are no purely successful people there, thieves, deceivers, usurers…

  31. This is an age-old specialization in certain areas and banal so-called nepotism, plus plagiarism (or accumulation and creative rewrite of other people's ideas, works, discoveries, achievements, if you like). That's actually the whole “secret”.

    Put absolutely any representative of any nation in similar conditions and give the same levers of opportunities and get the same number of successful people, if not more. Even among the Chukchi, even among the bushmen of the Kalahari Desert.

    All other mysticism is the invention of the Jews themselves about their loved ones.

  32. I would not envy the Jews and their success, although success there is not for everyone. So many of them have been ridiculed in the entire history of civilization and will continue to be. Watch “Tevye the Milkman”, where Ulyanov plays the main role. Very good TV play.

  33. Indeed, in life, Jews do what is beneficial to them, they do not like hard work and say to themselves that they were created for more “noble deeds”. In Jewish families, they try to give children an education and instill an interest in various crafts .Jews have material wealth in the first place and this is brought up from childhood.

    It is wrong to regard the Jews as God's chosen people. All the peoples inhabiting our earth are parts of the Creator and all are equal before God. At various times, certain peoples were given knowledge(Divine knowledge) about how to live through the Prophets, but this knowledge was given to all mankind for its spiritual self-improvement. The people through whom knowledge was transmitted was the people of the Messiah and was responsible for the transmission of knowledge in an undistorted form.

    The Jewish people, who adopted the Religion of One God, was supposed to bring the Light of Knowledge to the peoples of all countries and continents, but pride overcame good intentions and turned out to be an enlightened people with knowledge from God, who chose the “Golden Calf” as a symbol of their faith and demonstrated to the whole world their “success” and “God's Choice”.

  34. Their success is based on limitations, as strange as it may sound.

    Until the 20th century, Jews lived mainly in certain areas of European countries and in the pale of settlement of the Russian Empire.

    They could only work in the professions that were allowed for them. This restriction on the right to choose had a positive impact on the Jewish community.

    The culture of this people did not assimilate with other cultures, grew stronger and became the “foundation”. Limited choice of profession allowed us to concentrate our efforts on a certain type of activity. Knowledge was accumulated, passed down from father to son, and then to grandchildren. Family companies were formed. Professionalism grew, and the quality of services and products also reached a high level. Hence the success of such people.

    This approach applies to all races and nationalities. Forced or deliberate restrictions on choice increase concentration and discipline, and often lead to success.

  35. Wrong question again. No God chose Jews anywhere. Quite the opposite. It was all their own idea : they chose such a god for themselves.He serves them well relative to other gods. You can make various assumptions: whether they pay him well for such work, or whether he is used to them and even fell in love. However, these are just my guesses. In fact, to understand the essence of the issue, it is necessary to show interest in the history of the Jewish people, then you can form objective judgments based on the method of historical materialism.

  36. Because they support each other! A Jew will not kill a Jew and will not say anything bad in front of strangers, but he will say something good! This is the main key to success, both in hard work and in honoring God and His Commandments.

    They had statehood only in 1948. They spread out on the planet and had to adapt. If it was enough for a local to just study well, then a Jew needs to study perfectly well in order to survive and compete successfully!

  37. There are two reasons:

    1. Natural sciences are one of the most” democratic ” areas.

    In other words, this is one of the few areas where a smart person, but without money or connections, could come and count on a + / – objective assessment of their achievements.

    1. Ashkenazi Jews (Ashkenazim) do have a higher IQ than the population average. Approximately 110 EMNIPS.

    There are even scientific articles linking the higher intelligence and higher frequency of mental disorders among Ashkenazis with the professional niche of “managing” other people's property, when it was out of order for knights-nobles to do this, and it was too dangerous to leave it to their relatives.

  38. You probably don't mean Jews, but Jews, because there are no genetic Jews as a people, and Judaism, or rather Rabbinic Judaism, is just a religion or sect.

    There are many successful people among different nations. But the main aspect is education

    The structure of any society always resembles an organism – where there are conditional arms, legs and a head. Those places that are closer to the head and distribute resources always get much more advantages than those who are located in the mining area. And success is not only an accident, but to a greater extent it is cohesion, mutual support, and a correct understanding of the movement vector. In the end, success in our society depends on positions and positions, proximity to the management and financial sectors.

    What motivates Jews to hold positions and positions:

    Here are some quotes from the Bible that motivate Jews to fast:

    • the head, not the tail, and you will only be on top, and you will not be at the bottom
    • to a foreigner you shall give at usury, but to your brother you shall not give at usury,

    The rabbis teach that a Jew is meant for mental labor, not physical labor. Free will is interpreted as freedom to choose a profession-rabbis advise Jews to choose a profession related to business, medicine, or any other intellectual field.

    Plus, working with texts, searching for different meanings develops the mind

  39. I think God's chosen people. Solomon is the wisest . He asked God for wisdom, and God gave him wisdom . And also my upbringing ,I've never seen Jewish alcoholics

  40. This is not genetics, and even more so not help from the top, a person becomes what his parents and environment bring up, and among Jews for thousands of years a special attitude to their nation and upbringing, in simple words, they very much believe in what they put in them from birth

  41. To begin with, not Jews, but Jews as a nation. They are Jews because they were the first to come to Monotheism…. Ever is a monotheist…
    Why are there so many successful ones? Because they honor the commandments. Judaism is one of the world's six leading religions….
    But they also have a lot of problems …. Very much. If you remember that they were driven away everywhere, exterminated, that they were scattered all over the globe and at the same time managed to adapt…. Then here you can clearly say-there are problems!

  42. Historically, Jews began to be persecuted even before our era. The Jews believed only in their own God and in no other. Because of what they began to be driven away, they were forced to hide. And in order to somehow survive, they had to have a certain status in society. So they were just forced to be smart and rich.

  43. Because once upon a time there was a genius among them. He came up with the idea that: Jewishness is transmitted by the mother. How many of them were raped by other Narols…I can't count them, but the Jews are still Jews: Russian, Georgian, Armenian, French…
    And 2e, that he determined for the Jew: to help one another gratuitously. The rest are Goyim, and they can and should be fucked and deceived.
    This could be learned from them.

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