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  1. The question-itself-prevails-over-modesty.The world-it-is-ONE-as-GOD.Everything-else-is-humanity's-best practices.Где-РИМ-Византия-и-т. д….с. ш.а.-тоже-нельзя-считать-империей-при-массовом-убогом-состоянии-населения.If-the-elderly-and-Children-are-happy-and-this-is-the-PEOPLE-here-is-the-Happiness-Index.An example is the 70s-USSR.Prove-that-we-lived-worse-than-we-are now.Don't-ask-provocative-questions-we-have-enough-wars.Let's-live-together-and-these-questions-will-disappear-by-themselves.Only the position of Good will save the WORLD, not the superiority of one over the other.Until-the-WORLD-thinks-about-WHAT-it-is-living-for-and-WHO-it-lives-for, there will be no light.

  2. I asked a similar question when I visited some countries in South America, I was struck by how much more cheerful, happier and more friendly people are there, everyone is smiling around and this smile is not the same-strained, European, considered just good form, but here it is absolutely sincere, although their financial situation, judging by our Western European values, is much worse �and, based on our logic, their state of mind should be much worse, but no, they “prove the opposite, so I think that the reason for this” is simply is a very low level of education, people are not driven by all sorts of garbage like: global warming, doujons indices, currency exchange rates, their place and purpose in this cruel and unfair world, they live in the present, one day, because for happiness it is not so much that is really necessary – for them it is family and food and small momentary joys, something like joy for their favorite football team and all this they can get even Also, their geographical location has a significant impact on such peoples, in most of these countries of “phenomena” the climatic conditions are very sparing and people do not need to plow until the seventh sweat to prepare for the approaching winter, otherwise death and starvation, here, in principle, you can lie under a palm tree all year round and periodically pluck bananas from the same palm tree, this, it seems to me, also explains the not so outstanding mental abilities of such peoples, well, why invent something when everything is already there. Remember the well-known sayings “you know less, you sleep better”, “life is easier for fools”, they were not invented from scratch, they have a deep meaning, I felt it on my own example, in my childhood I was much happier, until I started to develop and read books, I was not bothered by the questions of being, the existence of God, my own destiny and other garbage, now everything is more complicated, much easier to live, as it seems to me, when you are only interested in sex and food. And finally, all these countries are similar in that they have approximately the same – very low standard of living, if everyone around them lives poorly, then there are much less reasons for envy, Zamyatin said well about this: “bliss and envy are the numerator and denominator of one fraction, called happiness.” After all, it is natural to say that the more joys in life, even the most simple ones, and the fewer reasons for envy, the happier a person is. In modern Western European society, consumer society, they try to increase the value of this fraction as much as possible, hammering in from childhood that happiness requires a huge hut with a swimming pool, a cool car and a model with big breasts, but all this is nothing more than an illusion created in order to make you work and spend, but when people are taught this from childhood and: How can I live better this way, but these kids who have nothing are so happy?

  3. My maternal grandmother was born shortly before the revolution and saw all the leaders of the USSR, including Gorbachev. She told me that the people and she personally were the happiest under Stalin – and prices fell after the vona vsechda by March 8, and there was no famine in 3-4 years. But most importantly, there was no war. Where everyone lost their loved ones, she lost her brother. And my father lost his father.

    Today, we don't have a war, and all other values don't give us such a drive as the possibility of losing a life.

  4. Obviously, they just need less to be happy. They know how to be content with little, and they are happy. They don't need a car above the class, they don't need to arrange a child to study at a prestigious university, and much more.�

    Happiness is in our heads.

  5. According to Wikipedia, the index is calculated based on the following factors: subjective жизнью life satisfaction, life expectancy, and “ecological footprint”. I can assume that the environment in Latin America or South-East Asia is doing well (due to the weak development of industry). Well, in principle, it is a well-known fact that in poorer countries people are happier than residents of Europe or the United States; it seems to me, simply because the problems are different – where to get food and so that no one dies in the family. And yet, as far as I know, in these countries there is not such a big gap between rich and poor. Therefore, for example, some African countries where poverty is also “flourishing” are not included in the top list.

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