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    1. I believe that the most common reason is our rich imagination. A person imagines that now someone will get out of the bath/corridor/mirror and will certainly eat it.�

    2. Almost all problems come from childhood, and this also applies to the fear of the dark. The child may have a nightmare and get scared, his parents often left him alone at home, or they scared him with all sorts of babaykas. ( Do not forget that everyone has everything individually).

    Also, I can assume that this is due to the instinct of self-preservation. We do not see very well in the dark, which means that a person cannot soberly assess the situation, whether he is safe now. A sort of “fear of the unknown”.

  1. Well, as they answered above, this is bullying in childhood, various nightmares in a dream, as well as various horror films have a great influence on the brain, in which darkness is one of the main means of intimidation, so a person is already beginning to unconsciously be afraid of the dark

  2. I don't know about you, but I prefer the dark to the light.

    I enjoy the atmosphere of the night or an unlit room, especially if you remember the picture ” where and what lies?”(picture of a lighted room).

    This atmosphere of serenity, silence and dissolution in the shade is beautiful.

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