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  1. All because of the mirror neurons in our brain. They are responsible for empathy, empathy for another person. Their development was very beneficial to our species, as we needed cohesion to build a society together. We can not only be happy, but also feel compassion when we see a person who is at a disadvantage (in trouble, etc.) By the way, it is mirror neurons that encourage us to empathize with the characters of books and films.

  2. Peter, there is such a thing as empathy in psychology. Empathy is an understanding of another person's feelings and emotional state that cannot be explained rationally. And it's not just about joy, but about other emotions too.
    Some people are more inclined to empathy, some less, but most healthy people are somehow able to try on the feelings of others for themselves.
    This mechanism appeared in the process of evolution and is caused by social development in the course of interpersonal communication. It allows us to better understand those with whom we come in contact, and, as it should, bring interaction to a qualitatively new level.
    It is much easier to hunt together, avoid conflict and provide support when you understand not only the train of thought, but also the emotions of your partners.
    It is important to note the lack or ability to overcome envy and jealousy of other people's achievements and successes. This quality is irreplaceable in any relationship!
    The ability to experience and empathize makes us better.

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