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  1. Mostly, because of the lack of interesting events (present in the movie / TV series) in your own life. The pursuit of what isn't there. This is typical for humans.

  2. Here I can only share my experience. Personally, I'm watching TV shows, even quite heavy in many ways, relax. After a hard day, it helps to relax, that is, not to try to occupy yourself all the time with any business that definitely requires your intervention, because just lying down and spitting at the ceiling is too unproductive, which already makes me want to continue “working” at home. And TV shows occupy you, help you calm down, and also give you a wonderful emotional release. You need to cry – here's a tearful moment, and if you want to cheer up on the contrary-here's your favorite sitcom. And for people with well-developed empathy, TV shows and movies can give them the opportunity to live the life they've always dreamed of.

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