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  1. probably it scares us first of all because we don't have to see it blood and entrails are hidden from us by our opaque skin and at the sight of them the psyche is a little shocked.The fear of corpses has many reasons such as the fear of pain, death, the unknown and the thirst for self-preservation inherent in our instincts, since the place in nature where corpses can be found means danger from larger predators, as well as the probability of poisoning with cadaveric poison or disease from which the corpse died in this place and there is a desire to leave this infected territory .

  2. Who says the sight of blood and entrails scares us?

    Male position: hunter, rural men slaughtering animals. Chickens for soup, pigs for lard, cows for meat (sausage, etc.). Some, however, can slaughter a chicken and give it to a plucked and disassembled woman. Some, however, are a little squeamish and hire or invite friends. Often invite friends to hairpin a pig, as one person will not hold, well, or cattle. Women are not suitable for these roles, as they do not have the necessary skills (to put a knife in the heart, hammer between the horn, blowtorch gasoline lamp) and physical strength.

    Women are naturally gatherers. They don't have the strength or killing skills, but they are even less afraid of blood than men. Trite because they see it regularly (menstruation).

    But in relation to the entrails of a person, the relationship is special. We were brought up on Christian traditions and commandments, where one of the commandments reads: Do not kill. Here, at the sight of a person's innards, the so-called,, template break occurs,,

    The second reason may be something that is unusual for us. We don't see the inside every day. Most people can't even cook anything from them.

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