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  1. Because I am in harmony with myself, I enjoy my own company and sometimes need to sort out what is happening around me. I love people, I love communication in general, but very dosed. I need to digest everything and reflect alone, so I restore my energy 🙂

  2. For the same reason that I am a woman, right-handed, “owl”, melancholic, Caucasian-all this is not my choice.

    (And a few more innate, genetic, and independent symbols).

  3. Since childhood, I have been stressed by constant contacts with people and gatherings with numerous relatives and their friends, whom I see for the first and last time.�

    Well, fatigue after that comes, as previously noticed.

  4. It's just that I don't want to communicate, I quickly get tired of talking. It's better for me to stay at home and do my own thing, and the good thing is that I have a couple of hobbies.

  5. It is better to swim on the waves than to hit the rocks.

    Your life is very tightly connected with other people you don't even know. In many aspects, this leads to unnecessary nerves, problems and other things. I was used to being given what I needed – if they didn't, then of course I was nervous and in a bad mood. The introvert state includes the functions of “disconnecting people around you”, and you are as if on your own. At least you communicate with people because of this, you do not have unnecessary problems. However, sometimes it is too boring (loneliness).

  6. Strange question. Do we choose our own temperament type? But approx..as for me – at some point, a long time ago, I realized that actively communicating and being around people-I quickly lose energy. And I feel much more comfortable at home, or let's say in nature, as long as I don't have to communicate with people a lot.

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