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  1. Because there is such a thing as solipsism, for example. Yes, and if you do without any abstruse words – everyone sees dreams, everyone has seen very realistic dreams. So imagine a person who sees the most realistic dream in the world. Presented? The dream is very long, he meets a beautiful woman there. Has kids with her. In a dream, all the same things happen to him that would happen to him in reality. Pissing, pooping, ejaculating, eating. And suddenly he wakes up. Most likely, such a person will find it difficult to understand for some time what was reality and what was a dream, and most likely he will call the state in which he found himself after waking up a reality. But let's imagine that after some time he wakes up again. And his previous “reality” also turns out to be a dream. And this can happen quite a few times. Physical and physiological evidence is not enough, because our mind is inventive, it can create illusions, mislead us and other people, and we can never know for sure whether we are seeing some plausible dream or whether we are seeing reality. But this is all bullshit really. I'm sorry. The reality of being, fortunately or unfortunately, we determine ourselves. If we want to believe it, we don't want to believe it.

  2. I dare to assume that humanity is given to err due to possible underdevelopment, I will give an example, a worm crawling on the ground does not know anything in fact, it is a mystery to him what happens according to what laws, and he cannot understand that he does not understand anything, there is a possibility that people are not yet sufficiently developed and they simply cannot understand

  3. In my opinion, physical and physiological arguments are exhaustive evidence of the reality of what is happening. However, like any other feeling. If you feel, then your feeling is real. And whether it's sleeping or waking is another matter.

    Both the dream and the hallucination are no less real than what is commonly called reality. Because reality doesn't necessarily require everyone to feel it the same way. Reality is the same, but it is always perceived differently. There is never the same sense of reality. It only happens more similar and less similar.

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