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  1. A meaningless worldview – “we're all going to die anyway” – creates meaningless conclusions and dead ends in life.

    Optimal scientific worldview-life is a multi-part film with the active participation of a person and after his alleged death.

    Nature is not so stupid as to create meaningless people.

  2. First you need to help yourself … to organize at least your way of thinking . Begin to understand that the human race has one root, one source . And the people around them, if not brothers, then not enemies.
    And the meaning of existence itself is already laid down , it is overcoming obstacles, obstacles, failures . And be sure to be in search of God , according to the Bible .

  3. The output is incorrect.

    If our existence is meaningless, then it is worth looking for-where this meaning is lost, than to give up and give up being a part of society.

    Although if there are no forces, and nothing helps to restore these forces, then nothing can be done.

    It is a pity, only if all the forces that arise in the morning after a rest we spend on meaningless actions, or even self-harming.

  4. For those whose existence is meaningless, there is no need to be a part of society. Moreover, I would like to leave a call for such people, but this call may be regarded as a call to suicide, so I will limit myself…

    It's always sad to read such questions. Why not start by asking “Why be a part of society and help people?”, you should definitely insert your own judgment “our existence is meaningless”.

    If until now it was meaningless, then at any moment, you can find this meaning, even in primitive conventional actions – plant a tree, sweep the street, donate to upbringing, to education… Raise a child, make him a citizen of society, enrich the world with knowledge…- according to the commandments, including general humanistic ones, there were a lot of answers here, for example, I will contribute my grain:

    “The Dawkins Commandments”

    1. Don't do anything to others that you don't want them to do.

    2. Try never to cause harm.

    3. Show love, honesty, loyalty, and respect to others, sentient beings, and the entire world.

    4. Do not ignore evil and do not shy away from the establishment of justice, but always be ready to forgive the guilty person and sincerely repent.

    5. Live with a sense of joy and wonder.

    6. Always try to learn new things.

    7. Always check your ideas with facts and be prepared to reject the most popular ones.

    innermost beliefs, if the facts refute them.

    1. Do not be afraid to show dissent and dissent; always respect the right of others to have a different point of view.

    2. Form your own opinion based on personal conclusions and experience; do not blindly follow the lead of others.

    3. Doubt everything.

    11. Enjoy your own sex life however you want (without harming others) and let others enjoy it however they want; this is their own business and none of your business.

    1. Do not discriminate or harass on the basis of gender, race, or (as far as possible) species.

    2. Don't force your own ideas on your children. Teach them to think for themselves, weigh the evidence, and not be afraid to disagree with your opinion.

    3. Look into the future beyond the time limit of your own life.

  5. In order to end up making your meaningless existence more comfortable and less stressful, and pass it on to your descendants, who, perhaps, will find some meaning for it. And if they don't find it, then don't do it. For millions of years, our ancestors existed completely meaninglessly, and so will we. Do we need it, this meaning?

  6. Everything is extremely banal-to delay the painful process of dying for the maximum possible amount of time..
    (next, I'll fill in the space with meaningless text, since Yandex doesn't accept short answers, and in this case it can't be long because everything is simple here)

  7. Existence is NOT meaningless. Without us, there would be no world, or rather, the Absolute cannot be unaware of Itself, and it does so by US. Awareness only at the moment of turning to move up, to Yourself as the Absolute, that there is a Union with like-minded people in the Practice of self-improvement. before that, EVERYONE automatically survives, multiplies, degrades and entropies. But, both down and up, it is by communicating that we CAN realize, and the Absolute through us, in the process of cognition. And all this is regulated by our experiences and choices, which are subject to the laws described above.

  8. The question is simply fascinating, because it contains its own answer, but only built upside down, and the cause is rearranged with the effect.

    IF a person is not part of society and does not help people, THEN his existence is meaningless. The very concept of meaning means that something is part of something, subordinate to something. Therefore, if a person still needs meaning (and a sane mind needs it), then he seeks it through serving something higher: art, science, God, society, his own children at least, or abstract humanity for example.

    And if the individual has no higher needs, then the answer to the question is direct and natural: THEN THERE is NO NEED.

  9. If your existence is meaningless, then why are you still asking this question? Maybe, after all, there are some interests to continue this game, some pleasures in it or hopes?
    If not,it most likely depends on your own choice of focus. After all, you can focus on various dissatisfactions with this life, or you can focus on its benefits. The most interesting thing is that in both cases, life will provide you with enough evidence to confirm the correctness of one or another of your choices.
    It is the same with helping people: if you want to live in a benevolent environment, do good, contribute to it, if you want to live according to the laws of the jungle, live according to them. But always remember that the rules you make apply to you from the moral point of view of other people.
    And your mark in history will remain in any case, no matter how inconspicuous it may be. Because everything in this world is interconnected, everything is determined by the past and everything determines the future, and not a single link can be excluded from this chain.

  10. In my opinion, being a part of society is the only sensible decision of Homosapiens. We are born to draw our own line-like a track from a shooting star-in the vast expanse of the universe…. Simply put, being a part of society is the only way to simply BE.

  11. If people were immortal, then being part of such a society and helping people would become a meaningful existence, but what does society and help have to do with it, when the meaning of the question is reduced only to the fear of death…))))

  12. Our existence has a meaning! Just like in the existence of any fruit or vegetable. The fruit can be eaten. Some of it turns into shit, and the other part – into energy to support the life of the person who ate it. Another thing is if the fruit is initially infected with putrefactive bacteria (for example, atheism). Then yes – such a fruit will simply rot – neither a candle to God, nor a poker to hell, and its existence is meaningless.

  13. Well, if we all die anyway and our existence is meaningless, then the only thing we can do is help people and become part of society, it will make at least some sense.

  14. Because it is an instinct inherent in every healthy living being. Thanks to this instinct, the human race and any other continues to exist and develop. Unwillingness to live, to help society, to consider existence meaningless-this is a sign of mental illness. If you do not want to live, then do not interfere at least with others who are healthy and blooming. At least have a conscience!

  15. This question is a clear product of the godless upbringing that has been cultivated in Russian society for a good hundred years. However, this has always been the case, and will continue to be the case until the Gospel is taught in schools. Not priests in cassocks, but sensible priests. The decline of spirituality is evident. I don't even want to answer that question.
    However, in short-I will say. The meaning of life will appear in a person only when he realizes his responsibility-before God and society, and this is impossible without knowing the Creator's plans for all mankind. Only the Gospel can provide a complete answer to such a serious question.
    We're not going to die! What people call death is only a transition to another realm of being, to the invisible world where God is.
    Oh, my God! When will our government come to its senses and allow the Bible to be taught in schools? After all, we live in a Christian country, and we don't know the basics of the Christian worldview – how is that?

  16. And this does not depend on you,. that is, what you want there, or do not really want it, in fact, your presence in society is finding you in a rut from which it is impossible to get out either to the right or to the left, and you will not back away, because with zadi you in this rut of people like you, there are all that many people who live on this planet, but when

  17. We don't know for certain if it's meaningless. No one has proved that our life has a continuation after death, but no one has proved the opposite. Therefore, it is still better to try to bring positive and good than destruction and meaninglessness. To paraphrase Pascal: if there is no life after death, I lose nothing, and if there is, I lose everything.

  18. If you don't want to help and be a part of it, just don't be! You don't need excuses to do or not do anything. The only meaning is to be happy here and now. If something else makes you happy, devote time to it, do not help anyone – this is nonsense! To do something for the sake of others is necessary from the heart, and not to dilute a meaningless existence.

  19. Tell me, do you have this question now ( in the foreseeable future), or immediately from birth? I think that if we were born, we would not be happy to have you in our company now. It means that you got acquainted (more or less) with the society, and decided that our (your) existence is meaningless. But man is a social being, and he can't be anything else. Of course, you may not be part of society (everything stupid is in our hands). And what have we come to? Nothing makes sense? But the world exists, and so does the mind-civilization. So maybe it's the wrong settings? SO, we need to reset the question – “I”, “MY”, and not “our” and “WE”, do not speak for everyone. It is a common mistake of individualists to attribute their problem to everyone. Maybe start with yourself, after all? And then we'll talk.

  20. And so, you do not ask the question about the meaning of life, because you already have the answer to it-life is meaningless, because we will all die anyway. But if so, then everything in this life is meaningless, and so is your question. And yet you asked it. This means that the answer to it or the fact of asking it makes some sense to you. This suggests that some meanings are still present in your life. I wonder where they came from if it's all pointless.

    To begin with, let's look at what is meaning?

    It turns out that this concept has two different and almost opposite interpretations. The first and most common everyday interpretation is that it is believed that the meaning of a thing is in the thing itself. This is a consequence of understanding the world as objective. I.e., if things exist by themselves, then its meaning is only in it and does not depend on anything else.

    However, there is another interpretation of meaning – as a place and role in something integral and larger than the thing itself. For example, there is some heavy piece of iron lying on the road. One will pick it up and hammer nails with it, and the other will take it to look at the world in a drop of water with it. In one case, the meaning of the piece of iron will be to hammer nails, in the other – to look at the world inaccessible to the naked eye. One thing has two different meanings. And all because the meaning here is a relative thing and is not an immutable property of things. Things in themselves are meaningless here, meaning is given to them by people.

    Now let's get back to life. If the meaning of life is in life itself, then you are absolutely right, either due to the fact that we will die anyway, there is no meaning in it, or it should be a complete pleasure. But if the meaning is not in itself, but in its place and role in something larger than itself, then this meaning still needs to be given to it. And it is given to it just by including it in the life of the family, team, community, city, country, civilization. Here someone has enough spirit and strength for what.

    That's the answer to your question: why be a part of society? Then, to give your life meaning.

  21. Meaningless existence is made by people themselves, very often without noticing it and along the way of life they deprive relatives, friends, etc. of the meaning of existence. Meaning is always there: learning about the world, raising children, etc. Try to plant a plant and grow it, see how it grows and develops, how it reaches for the sun, how it absorbs water, and maybe then an understanding of the meaning will come. Without action, there is no meaning in life, so you need to act.

  22. Each person is talented and important in their own way, even if they don't realize it enough . About the moments-to be a part of society and help others all individually but even if a person, as it seems to him outside of society, this is a very erroneous assumption

  23. If you were in a completely dark basement where there was NOTHING and suddenly found yourself free in…well, say, a spring May park… green,bright and sunny, with a lot of people walking there, and you are given the opportunity to also look at the light, eat ice cream, rollerblade, escape to the summer cinema, find friends, save a kitten or puppy drowning in the lake, show your power on a silomer…etc….wouldn't you have taken full advantage of the opportunity?..especially after the EMPTINESS and DARKNESS…?

    And yet, how glad you would be to have this OPPORTUNITY, because it is what your human self craves … after all, it is existence, activity and the pleasure of knowing that you can do anything, the pleasure of the very fact of your BEING…that you got a chance to become happy, that you can express yourself and your talents will bring you fame, get approval, make a contribution to world culture and you may find IMMORTALITY through them…for man,as long as he is remembered, is IMMORTAL.

    Is the latter meaningless …?)

    Be happy that you have the opportunity to hear, see, speak, breathe, love and be loved, help people, raise children, open yourself to society and become one of its leaders, that you are alive and well…

    ..and you have a chance to acquire immortality for personal use…)

  24. God planned for people a peaceful life filled with happiness, completely meaningful without old age, disease and death. And nothing will prevent him from carrying out this plan in due course. Yes, the first people let us down and abandoned their descendants to please their leader Satan. After all, it was he who they chose to lead when they rejected God. So now there is no order on earth. But their time is over and we are on the threshold of the grandiose events described in the prayer “Our Father”, when the will of God will be everywhere on earth, as in heaven. You are right Nikita, a person by the age of 60 has a rich baggage: knowledge, experience, skills, skill, a person is ready for many achievements,but death takes everything away. God will put an end to this. I have read all this in the Bible, and I have no reason not to trust it.

  25. Meaninglessness of existence only means that you have not revealed its meaning.

    If you were attentive to this question and researched it conscientiously, you would find:

    1) Self-love. This is the only true love. And love for others is a tool for showing self-love.

    2) Life is the manifestation of this love. Outside of being, you do not know yourself (and in fact, it is God who does not know himself), but in life you know yourself and show love for yourself. You contemplate yourself in all its forms and love yourself in all its forms. You love to be! (and, in fact, that's what God likes to be). To be and to love our being is a manifestation of our true nature. So the meaning of life is to live!

    3) Helping people is a more subtle expression of self-love. Such a manifestation of self-love elevates the soul and leads in the long run to the knowledge of the truth. Being completely selfish and living only for the sake of your phantom persona is a very crude, primitive way of showing self — love and it leads to earning bad karma and great suffering in the future.

  26. With such a statement of the question, the answer can only be unambiguous. In the event that no one forces you to be a part of society and help people, then in no case do not force yourself to do this. There is always an alternative to retire to remote forests or inaccessible mountains and lead a life in anticipation of an early death (food and amenities are meaningless, because you will still die). And why do you write about this publicly, because, in your opinion, it is not necessary to help people? What do you expect from us? You don't want to help us, and so we have to persuade you?!

  27. we don't die it's our soul that's looking for a new life.And we can always change our lives just by believing.And to know that there are no borders in the world.the world is us.

  28. You can't help but be a part of human society you and society are a single whole , each of your decisions in one way or another affects this society and changes the world order of society. Initially, the meaning of a person's life is to know the world in which he lives, to know himself and his capabilities, to gain freedom within himself by rejecting the fear of death, since life and death are natural processes of the universe and there is nothing wrong with this. It is worthy and smart to live remembering that you still live in an aggressive environment called the Universe, one way or another you will be responsible to life for every decision you make , if you did something stupid, then life will always teach you a lesson. It is worthy to accept death when the time comes. God or the Nature of being gave a person life and freedom of choice, so the choice is yours how to live this life.

  29. We'll die, but there's nothing pointless about it. You have gained experience in this incarnation, go home, there you will sum up the results of your incarnation and go on to live wherever you are told.

  30. nature has no meaning , life is a product of evolution. But there is a certain meaning of social relations. At the same time, the procreation increment is valid.

  31. We will still die, but it is better to die in a warm apartment with all the comforts than in a cold, smelly garbage dump from gangrene, and cozy comfortable apartments, etc. – this is the result of someone's help (it will not build by itself) Draw your own conclusions.

  32. Do you have to be a part of society? And why help everyone? You should distance yourself from the general mass and help only those who face the same problem as you. Ie, you should only help your own kind. If you have such thoughts, it means that you are not burdened with reason and have your own special way of life. Help those who are also not burdened with reason. The greatest misconception in the history of mankind is the concept of death as the end of life. In fact, the end is impossible, just as the beginning is impossible. Time is infinite, and any living being after death does not dematerialize – it continues to live, but in a different form. You can realize that you are not an animal, but a spirit enclosed in the flesh. While in solitude and solitude, try to communicate with the gods and spirits using your inner voice. Your inner voice is your sword, the main tool that you can master perfectly, masterfully, like a master, to conduct conversations, conversations and discussions in complete silence without ever opening your mouth. Develop your spirituality, comprehend the universe, engage in self-knowledge and contemplation of the surrounding space( Universe), reflect on all topics and maybe comprehend the meaning of your existence. You can say it is a way of life, a special way of life and a vocation from birth.

  33. Why think about what will happen in the end? It's like that song says: “There is only a moment between the past and the future, and that is what life is called.” Real life is happening here and now, everything that was and everything that will be-thoughts in the head. Living with your thoughts is one of the most useless and stupid ways to exist. And how to live now – to be a part of society, to help others or not, everyone decides for himself. Don't like being in society Don't be in society! This is true freedom-to do what you like!!

  34. You ask a question that you answer yourself during the request process. You put the union “if”. And this conjunction serves to express a condition that is the opposite of reality: “If I had known, I would not have come.”

    Why did the “if” appear in your question? Just because you are not sure that our life is meaningless. You do not want this meaninglessness and feel inwardly that there is meaning, you just do not see it. You really want someone to discover and show you this meaning. After all, people live, achieve something, do something and enjoy life.

    You need everything at once. And life is such a strange thing that its meaning is understood in the process of life. In the process of learning about life, in the process of interacting with people, in the process of reproducing a new life…

    And, as strange and banal as it may sound, the meaning of life is in love. You can continue writing, but it will be a meaningless process, because for everyone everything is revealed unexpectedly, interestingly, and not in the same way as for others. But I respect your question. Not everyone will ask.

  35. Some people set themselves up to help others, while others set a different goal in the course of life. But the meaning of existence is still one and requires effort to live like a human being. And any anti-human actions lead not only to a bad result, but also loses the meaning of the existence of people on earth, like a weed in the fields!

  36. Why ask any questions when we're all going to die anyway, and our existence is meaningless?

    Each person should have their own answer to this difficult question.
    It is better not to think about it at all, you can get your head full and go into a deep depression for a very long time. Just do what you like and don't look for meaning where it doesn't exist

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