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  1. Don't worry, you're not the only one. Your sensuous body doesn't need to cry at a funeral, because there is a crowd of people, it prevents the brain from focusing on grief, because ” everyone is looking at my behavior “

    And also the main reason can be considered the fact that among people there is someone in tears, the brain perceives this and removes the need to start crying. Have you ever cried in a movie theater?

    Do you watch movies in crowds at home?

    (1-2 people not a crowd)

  2. The most normal reaction of a person to a real death is denial, this is the first thing that arises in consciousness. Our brain does not allow us to fully understand what happened in order to protect us from stress, because it can lead to extremely negative consequences. Hence the lack of a “tear” reaction. And only after a while we accept the fait accompli. Well, watching the film, one way or another you understand that you are dealing with a work of art, and not the reality that is being played out before your eyes.

  3. Perhaps because the loss of loved ones or acquaintances sometimes causes apathy or simply shock, and the person still does not fully realize what happened. Sometimes this condition can last up to several days, or even weeks. Personally, I had this: I found out about the death of a classmate and in the first seconds there was hysterical laughter, I couldn't believe what was said, then there was just shock, there was a fuss and commotion, only then, when I came home and was left alone with my thoughts, I fully realized what had happened. In the film, a lot of things affect our feelings, one of the most powerful manipulators is the music, of course, and also the actors ' performance, which is so convincing sometimes that you try not to shed at least one tear.

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