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  1. The question needs to be clarified: are there other things to do here, or do you just not want to?
    Answering the first question, we can only say that the information age, the age of computers and gadgets, has arrived. In a short period of time, people have become so much in need of them (mainly on the Internet) that now literature is no longer in demand among the majority. Either the person likes the so-called memes, pictures, games, and so on, or the person is busy with something personal, for example, work. In this case, when you start reading a book, after a short pause of sticking in the phone/PC/laptop, the desire to read disappears, because the brain is busy with more interesting things.
    The second question”can be related”to tastes, finesse. In fact, they are partly the same thing. Here, a person simply cannot find a suitable book that will tighten him so much that the need for this book is equal to the need for other leisure activities.

    In one case or another, there may be at least two possible solutions.
    The first, of course, is the search for the best book for yourself, with the genre and narrative that suits your tastes.
    The second one will require at least partial abandonment of other tasks and more time, so as not to run from one to another and back again.
    Although this is a purely individual matter for each person, and it's up to you to decide whether to read or not

  2. The reason is most likely that you are not interested in reading books, but at the same time you try to force yourself to read books that are not interesting to you, thinking that they will bring great benefits. Yes, this is true for nonfiction, but nonfiction is not intended for long reading, it requires thoughtfulness and perseverance. And, for example, fiction is no more useful than reading articles on the Internet or answering TQ questions, especially if there is no interest in it. Historically, fiction was created for entertainment, but now there are more spectacular entertainment options, such as movies and the Internet. Should I force myself to read?

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