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  1. A huge number of people. Everyone has their own opinion. The number of identical and different opinions varies greatly. These opinions are combined with the goals of these people. These goals also differ. The power of these people. Its degree also varies. Moral principles and folk habits. They are also different for everyone. The chain reaction of instilling such qualities in a person was launched thousands of years ago. There are a lot of different combinations. Many are incompatible, which causes friction and struggle-destruction. The number of factors and people is too great to form a group with such a number and strength that it dominates. It may seem that there are such groups and they are friendly, but this is not always the case. After reaching the goal, some people betray the group, because they pursued personal goals and were led by selfishness. Or there are potentially some, but they are hindered by a certain factor hanging on a thin thread, and if these people are pushed, they may form a similar group. Because of such a large number and constantly changing factors of life, there will always be good and evil, divided into even more detailed categories with various branches. This question can be categorized indefinitely, because it will be extremely and extremely expensive, almost impossible to take into account ALL the factors of this phenomenon, and if this is done, then the table or article will be extremely informative, which will take into account almost the influence of the movement of a grain of sand on such a beach starting from such a time in such a place.

    And if the answer is simpler, then 90% of those who do not want to live together are assholes.

  2. If we compare the practices and policies in international affairs even in the first half of the twentieth century, not to mention the preceding centuries, we can confidently say that the world has just begun to live much more amicably and share resources quite calmly.�

    The free market has linked national economies into a common global system by hundreds and thousands of threads, and has united the world. In order to obtain the necessary resources in the required volume, it is now enough to conclude a regular contract with one of the multinational or local mining / manufacturing companies. This is thousands of times cheaper than war, aggression, capture, ruin, and most importantly-eliminates the death of people. International trade, more and more exempt from tariffs and duties, saturates the world with essential goods and services. You don't have to go to the United States to eat a Big Mac. For pizza – to Italy. Just find a McDonald's or pizzeria nearby. In order to watch a new Hollywood blockbuster, you don't need to ask your friends to bring a videotape from a tour trip – just go to a nearby movie theater. In a nearby shopping center, you can safely buy an iPhone or any computer you like. Toyota and Cadillac, Samsung and Sony, Electrolux and Miele, Visa and Mastercard, French wine and jamon-all this in the centers and shops nearby.�

    And the main resources today are not oil and gas, grain and metals. These are technologies, knowledge, and information. Today, a rich country is one that is open to the world, trades with everyone, and has knowledge. And for these resources, it is pointless to organize protests.

    The topic of land division has almost disappeared from world politics precisely because of the above, and its relapses (Iraq vs. Kuwait in 1990 and some others) are suppressed, if not immediately, then for a historically limited period.

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